There's the idea of organizing a for .

Firs location proposal was .

Who of you would be interested in a ?

fav. : I'm in
boost : let's spread it to make it succsed

@sen I think it work for me, you mean a “boost” on mastodon ?

I can confirm : i receive notice from user i didn't follow because one of my follower “boost” it.

#Friendica and are different projects, started by different people. Evan Prodromou, founder of what became #GNU_social, founded
@postblue indexes must be done to the value really used in WHERE part . Maybe notice.profileid  , notice.conversantion .  I don't have a lot with mysql-tuner but maybe because i'm alone (and then surely profileid). !gnusocial .

We can test and fix it in a upgrade .
What are MySQL indexes and can they be used with !gnusocial database schema?

if you're interesred in federated services you should check out:

(it's cloud, socialnetwork, webpage, calender and much more and comes along with a )

(federated cloud system)

(federated social network able to connect with all from the fediverse)


( microbloggin service)

(encrypted cloud and messanger)

( based blogging plattform)

Könnt ihr dann jetzt bitte geschlossen mal ins #fediverse rüber kommen?!

Netzwerk: #Mastodon / #GnuSocial / #Quitter / uvm


@david @david @david @dadegroot

the real question should be, why are you just using mastodon if the fediverse has much more to offer?

@ghostofGalleani I do not really know. I just click on local timeline and then get asked which one I like to view. ...until now I can just choose from 3 different once.
...with it works already much better.

it's amazing how #gnusocial improved! it's a pleasure to use really! <3 thanks to all the #devs resposible for that! lives! I guess it pays to have more than one #Ostatus account.
#meta #mastodon #gnusocial #fediverse

Il fait chaud. Mais encore un peu plus. C'est vendredi soir et je suis content de ma semaine. Donc, hop, je bois ma dernière bière au frigo. Ce qui fait que je suis plus motivé pour me servir une absinthe, pour une fois avec de l'eau, fraîche.

Du coup, je commence à être bien bourré, là. C'est tout de la faute à la canicule et au réchauffement climatique !

#ContentWarning !gnusocial 's way. :)
@stitchxd @sda does anyone know if Mastodon is going to add any of these features from GS too? What about GS from Mastodon?
!gnusocial !vivalafederation 
Wow, I haven't 'quipped' in over two years. #depression #quitter #gnusocial and now #mastodon got me to log in again.
@taknamay @dwmatiz @hirerus @davehunt @lohang I tried again Choqok, but still not convinced by the UI. I'm using corebird for twitter, but I find that following a specific #hashtag is not so easy. But finally, I think that I have other things to do than to post silly things on twitter and !gnusocial simultaneously during conferences… :)