Trying to embed a #mshtml browser object in a #gtk widget on Windows -> loads of fun with two independent event loops stealing focus and input events from each other.☠

@Ronflaix <joke not meant to be taken as a correction>"relatively static stuff like GTK" *observes the development of gtk4 in *</joke>

Today I'd like to recognize @hergertme for his work on Builder, and more generally and . I've probably recognized him before, but I respect what he's doing. Good work Christian!

mes app grapiques seront désormais basées sur @gnome 4 😁

dans sa 4ème version est enfin disponible dans les dépôts officiels 😏

"Réception de:11 artful/universe amd64 libgtk-4-dev amd64 3.90.0-0ubuntu1 [768 kB]"

How many people using #gnome or any other #gtk based desktop on #Linux?

It's so weird when I look at this awesome themes I would want to try out...

Then I remind myself I use i3gaps for some reason: minimalism!

Most GTK themes have huge buttons and they are either too bright or too dark. And they have no colors, only 3: white, grey or black! WTF? Are theme devs are so depressed? :(

#linux #gnome #gtk #themes

Building a simple HTTP server using C for school and decided to add a GUI to it, it still has some issues like errors due to writing to the textview from a thread but it's a nice way to learn more about and now I have to make the server actually work... XD