Really interesting and wise thoughts from Evan Prodromou : The Power of Wikis, the Problem with Social Networks, and the Promise of A.I.

I had lots of interactions in #identica
They all got wiped when Evan moved to #pumpio
Remember: everything on the Net is temporary

@Gargron playing with for a week and I love it. Much better look than Twitter :)

What I miss from the good old days in is groups (statusnet, laconica). Is there going to be support for groups like for Mastodon in the future?

@sri do you mean like Groups in ? For example:

I miss that from the old good days in . When it was implemented with

@ariom some few GS users have moved to Mastodon, but mostly the Mastodon population are new users, many of them former #identica users
@deadsuperhero @takeshitakenji @archaeme Somehow, I suspect that there was a time when #Twitter itself considered adding federation. It would have been between the time launched and shortly after #GPlus cloned #Diaspora's UI and aspects functionality.
mhm, only port 22 is open?! is #identica dead?? Error: 500 -
@notnavigium @strypey I have two possible sources for the name: @mk or @jpope. It could have been around the #bifurcation (when #Identica switched to, splitting one network into two) or even earlier, around the time of the StatusNet 1.0/1.0.1 upgrade, when identica was offline for multiple days and many of us launched our first self-hosted instances.

@lxoliva I became more closely involved (shares etc.) in #mastodon #joindiaspora and #identica (which seems near-dead now)

@nds The other side of this is that removing ads from and other SN sites helped lead to the #bifurcation of one federated network into two incompatible federated networks.

One of the main drivers was the cost of operating with no corresponding revenue.

#identica has now been totally down for 1.5 days. Weird. Whenever it happens I wonder if they will come back at all (ever).

#identica still down tonight. It has been down for nearly a whole day now. I remember when it used to be a giant.

@csaurus I'm guessing there's a sweet spot between everyone on one overloaded instance (eg the old

@dick_turpin @thelovebug

the difference with is that the flagship instance was closed in time to permit other instances of Mastodon to florish as well ...

plus that the GNUsocial fediverse was already in place and that could talk to another node in the bigger fediverse ...

toot ! 🐘