just as I start to get re-interested in mastadon up pops given this give the opportunity to do the #indieweb thing, is in fast chasing beta and I can tinker ineffectively with the backend of WordPress it is very compelling.

@agektmr the crew is on IRC freenode #indieweb #indieweb-dev amazing people with a very interesting approach to self web development, it's really inspiring, living proof the original World Wide Web is still alive and slowly plotting new ways to turn the Web into a giant social network with identity & "own your data" principles.

@agektmr you could say it's a social media pilot like Hootsuite or Buffer in the ways it allows you to connect via plugins to other social media networks but its also a blog engine & it supports natively #indieweb protocol so between indieweb instance we can comment/reply/like between us without a centralized server. we own our data between users, the approach is Publish on your own site, syndicate elsewhere...

@rmdes Didn't know about this though I was aware of #indieweb . This is quite intriguing. Thanks for intro!

@agektmr check out #indieweb (on twitter) and, interesting folks taking the best of the web & social networks with a practical approach (there is a mastodon plugin for Known & WP)

Playing around with POSSE via Jetpack for WordPress. It works OK. It's not perfect, but it's super easy to set up and allows me to microblog on my main blog and have it automatically push to Twitter and Facebook.

I can tweet from WordPress!

And, of course, longer posts will also get pushed out, but just as a short blurb with a "click to read more" link included.

If Jetpack worked with Mastodon, that'd complete things!

#indieweb #posse #ownyourcontent

Mastodon, Twitter and publics - thinking about how having local peers changes media
Kevin Marks - 2017-04-24

toot ! 🐘

#Mastodon #description
#Matodon #sitelen #sona

@moonman @takeshitakenji what is the specific auth problem? Want to come over to #indieweb and chat about relmeauth and indieauth - delegation to silo OAuth without having to implement it yourself?

#woollyweek ~ Só #Mastodon durante uma semana, é o que propõe o movimento. Nada de #Twitter.
Exercitar as formas de atuação em uma arquitetura aberta e distribuída de rede social, neste momento em que sentimos os efeitos negativos dos monopólios privados da rede como Facebook e Google, pode ser uma ótima idéia.
Via @blinry

@ummjackson This is good criticism! What about microformats is unpleasant to work with?

There is an #indieweb guide here:

The best out-of-the-box solution is Known /

Are there #IndieWeb fans on Mastodon or in the Fediverse who will attend one of the IndieWebCamps in Germany next month?!

i have actually made some progress with #indieweb stuff this week

going to try and talk up this topic at #drupalcon, learn moar

@uranther #indieweb and the fediverse we're in right now to an extent are kinda private clubs only for people technical enough to get things working. Mastodon has changed that slightly, thankfully, but it's still got a ways to go.

@uranther Also, go and find a 1-click guide to getting setup socially on #indieweb ... all you find is spec after spec after wiki page after omg I give up.

@uranther It *would* be a lot like #indieweb, except not based on ~10 year old protocol specs and that Microformats 2.0 thing which I find utterly unpleasant to work with.

Just installed the Mastodon plugin for #Known by @nxd4n - if you can see this test post on Mastodon it has worked! #indieweb

I think this article may have a good echo here. Even though it is from January, when #Mastodon wasn't very known yet. So it mentions instead

Let’s Make 2017 The Year of the Indie Web

#IndieWeb #OpenSource #SelfHosting

@leo @KevinMarks
Just caught up with the TWiG episode - like Leo I signed up a while ago but didn't start using Mastodon, having missed its good #indieweb credentials. Well here I am now with my first toot!

@cdllm let a thousand flowers bloom. In that sense maybe I'm heading towards the #IndieWeb way of thinking
@cdllm also a different vision of dev model, federated social apps vs the #IndieWeb (every site unique, all using same formats/ protocols)