Does anyone know some software that can use the sound card for seeding the system's entropy?
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Those example rules are really easy to set up and already create a pretty decent protection. You can be up and running in literally 5 minutes.
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Protect your USB ports against exploits like #BadUSB and #PoisonTap by putting rules in place with something like #USBGuard.
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Hallo #infosec

Not the standard phishing attack here - some numbskull put a fishtank(!) on the internal casino network; the attackers were able to crack the tank's systems [why does a fishtank HAVE network accessible systems?!] and pivot into the network to attack it properly.

Hey #infosec - if you'll be at summer camp next week, say hi. I'll be in an australian-type leather hat and a hawaiian shirt most of the time.

Successfully converted two close friends to Signal messenger.

PSA: Update your #iOS device. This WiFi bug is quite serious if you tend to visit public WiFis.
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Another protip: After applying ROT26 to your email subject line, apply XOR 0 for enhanced security.

Today's protip: Always ROT26 your email subject lines.

New Humble Book Bundle with a selection of Wiley #infosec classics. Guess it's worth buying even if you just have one of the books on your list, compared to the normal store prices.

Service message: Just in case you wonder which formats the books in the #humblebundle #cybersecurity bundle come in. #epub #ftw #infosec