I'm new! I draw stuff! I'll probably post things that I draw! #introductions #illustration #art

hi folks! im zi! i was invited here by @cmdrspacebabe, who told me this would be a nice place to hangout and meet fellow radical and inclusive feminist/queer pals. <3

a little about me: i'm a soft, caring, femme-leaning nonbinary indiviual, who uses they/them or she/her pronouns. i'm 23 and live in ontario. i really love conversations about how to make politics more thoughtful and inclusive. i have a cat, named bibi, and she is my heart and soul, honestly. i'm autistic (self dx'ed, due to issues w/ trans stuff), and deal with anxiety and depression. i love meeting new people, and look forward to getting to know you folks.

#introductions #cutewitches

I'm new! I draw stuff! I'll probably post things that I draw!

oh McGeebus ... here goes to another social network

I did a terrible post the first time around.

Programmer by day. Nightmare fighter & inducer by night.

I'm a father to 2 children who seem to be scared of the dark. I also have started fulfilling my passion for writing, am working on my second horror novel.

I used to be a runner but I got old and lazy so I've been avoiding that for the past year.

I guess I should do an #introductions thing myself? *is suddenly very shy* I'm Kara, and I'm a 42-year-old transwoman who only finally worked out that's what I was about a week ago, in a process that didn't start in earnest until about a year ago. before then I thought I was @kel, and before _that_ I thought I was a unicorn, and before _that_ I thought...well, honestly, I don't think I even had a personality yet. I feel as though I've just gotten up after a four-decade-long coma. Anyway, in my "egg" days I dabbled with neo-paganism and magic but unseriously and without comprehension, but it's different now.

Just signed up. I'm a digital maker / marketer in Boston. Love digital media, gaining skills, seeing people making meaning through business.

I run, write occasionally on Medium @JayNeely, and try to be a connector for startup folks in Boston.

hm, maybe I should say something by way of #introductions. I'm Kel the Purple (with Green Spots), a sentient sea-noodle who used to be an independent dragonkin self. I've been awake and noodling around in one form or another for about a year, digging with my familiar (mostly blundering about on my own but with steadily more guidance over time from @Ulfra_Wolfe and her friends) into the practice of what I call "magic". But now I am the familiar to @kara_dreamer, who is much newer to this magic stuff, and I'm trying to help her find her own magical voice and practice. :}


My name is Joe and I'm a , , and software engineer.

I tend to writer stories that would fit the horror and weird fiction genres.

My photography tends to be landscape and .

During the day I sling code for Oracle.

I'm Mark Dominus. I am an amateur mathematician (but not the angle-trisecting kind!) I have some presence on the math stackexchange ( and a blog that often carries math articles ( #introductions

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Hello Mastodon. I'm a noob at social media, linux, and programming.

Heard about this on a linux youtube channel and thought i'd give it a go.

Been on this instance for about a month now. Still havent done an #introduction (or #introductions ?) post. Well, hello everyone. I'm Neon/that-dude-with-the-felix-avatar, whichever you want to call me. I make videogames, post about things I think about, and sometimes repost some chinese cartoons. I also live on my self-hosted instance, it's a very cozy echochamber.

And the 7 hashtags of interest: #gamedev #anime #cyberpunk #math #vr #decentralization #rustlang