Il y a de fortes chances que je parle beaucoup de livres et de maths. Et de chat aussi, parce que je suis l'humaine d'une gentille boule de poils qui contrôle mon cerveau 😸

Ah, et je vais sûrement faire beaucoup de mauvais jeux de mots.


Salut à tous!

Je m'appelle Claire, je suis @cnc aussi. J'ai fait ce compte pour améliorer mon français sans énerver mes abonées.

J'aime le logiciel libre, le socialisme, les chiens et les chats, et le café et le thé :d

Hello everybody! I just joined to this network and looking for have a good and comfy time here. I like anime, manga, Touhou, software and other things.

well hey!! My name is dan but i go by quite a few names here on the internet, such as hackerman, and psi. Anyway im a #creator and i love to draw and write. Im in a few fandoms most notably #homestuck . I have a huge intrest in music and talk about it constantly (included my top 50 chart). My intrests center around weird obscure nerdy things for the most part. I love to talk to people and meet new people so talk to me! #introductions

yo peoples. I'm a blind 16-year-old boy with a lot to say. I'm intelligent, curious, technically skilled, a musician who writes and listens to a specific nonstandard genre, nonreligious, advocating for all personal freedoms, and someone who enjoys talking to people, no matter who you are. I am profane, but I don't say nor get sex jokes and other such things. People find me very interesting. I'm sure you will too! #introductions

Please give a warm cybretronic welcome to @cloudsinvenice and @katzenfabrik, coming here to from far distant birdsite! :)

*wild applause and confetti*



안녕하세요~ 제 이름은 Trev입니다. 28살이고 미국에 살고 있습니다.
저는 오랫동안 한국어를 말하지 않았습니다.

Hello~ my name's Trev. I'm 28 years old and I live in the US. I haven't spoken Korean in a long time.

#introductions Ahoy! I'm as new as new can be to this instance. Me in eight words: "The First Deus Ex Was Damn Near Perfect."

Me in slightly more: I have an itch: it's that I see something amazing and think "damn, that'd be a great premise for a cyberpunk game." I tend to think this a lot. I would like to think this aloud, here, on this instance. And maybe, maybe! Make one? Someday? Maybe at least as a fan mission for one of the ShadowRun games?

So, yeah, that's this account.

Hi, I'm Josh, the English #pastor of a Chinese #church in Winnipeg, Canada. Just checking out this #mastodon site and liking it so far. #introductions #welcome

Hi. It's me again. The Organiza... I mean, the last 2 mastodons @Michcioperz was trying to run and I was trying to use died, but I decided to take another try with someone else's instance. Looks like a lot of ppl here. #introductions

HI, my name is Ben. I first joined Mastodon about a month ago and created an account on I thought I would join a more general instance, because I because I felt like I wanted to talk about a bit more than writing, and I didn't want to subject my local timeline to it. Also I was seduced by that sweet, sweet 800 character limit. Can't beat it.
Anyway, I look forward to talking with you all. I generally try to use content warnings where appropriate, but if you see something that you would like behind a content warning, please feel free to let me know.

Hello! I'm Tim. My first account is over at @tim but my instance of 1 was getting a little lonely. Glitchy cyber is definitely my style. I'll probably be posting pixel and voxel art mostly. #introductions

time for #introductions !! I'm Izzy! or Isabel. Whichever works. I'm super into D&D and SUPER into making new friends! I'm also tired a lot.

Hi everyone!

I'm the artist formerly known as @chosafine. I'm moving over to this as my main instance because admitting my own thing is a pain in the butt I'd rather pay these admins to do!

I make podcasts, write code, design and I'm currently working on a new blog. I also always late.

I also am apparently working with @staticsafe to reform the mastodon docs. Let's be friendos~~~~!!!!!!



Oh, I forgot to introduce myself!

I go by the name Izumi. I'm a defender of both the cyber world and the real world!