I'm Cody, a web designer (aspiring developer) from the US. I made a short (?) list of pretty much everything I am.

- Huge music nerd
- Really into cars
- Plays too many video games
- Enamored by all things Japan
- Really want to get into drawing/watercoloring
- Loves to chat about...anything
- Passionate about equality
- Gay (taken)
- Overall just interested in too many things
- Oh and cats, cats are cool

That's it kthxbai ✌️❤️

@jerrychoy Welcome, hope you'll enjoy the place! :)

Just so you know: if you're looking for people to follow or just want to know what people are all about here, the #introductions hashtag is probably worth a look :)

#introductions hi! I'm halcy! I pay the bills for . I'm also a PhD student at the University of Bremen and do research into user interfaces based on electromyography and machine learning, especially into silent speech. Time off, I do demoscene stuff with good demogroup SVatG (LOOK AT OUR GOOD PRODUCTIONS ON ), and play too many video games a lot forever.