I finally decided to stop rewriting this and publish it. It's only a technical post, but I just couldn't seem to find my voice for it...

If you're into esoterica, you might enjoy this one. It's about abusing `Symbol.hasInstance` to enhance mixins and make them work with `instanceof` (useful for unit tests). It starts from a basic mixin function and takes you on a journey to a module I published called mixomatic.

Hum, Mastodon a quand même besoin de #Javascript pour se lancer après connexion. #JS #accessibilité #a11y

[BLOG - #Angular]
Testing is never useless, especially in #JavaScript world where the language is dynamically typed, there is no excuse for not testing.
- If you are not writing test for your code, sorry it is too late. 😭
- If you are, do not be satisfied too early because most unit testing is wasted. 😬
One advise : check our Medium post on the "Best practice to test your Angular directive and component"!

Demain soir, je fais un #livecoding pour zestedesavoir : au programme utiliser notre nouveau parser mardown pour générer les exports "ebooks" de nos tutoriels/articles/billets.
pipeline markodwn->ast->latex->pdf et markdown->ast->html->epub au programme.
Faire communiquer #javascript #js et #python tout en gérant bien les erreurs : #challengeaccepted.

#geany, nuestro #IDE liviano libre favorito (#PHP, #HTML, #CSS, #JAVASCRIPT, #SQL, etc.) se actualiza... y acabo de descubrir que tienen esta pequeña joya de web para promocionarse: