Does anyone know why on #OpenBSD

l = strtol("0xquux", &rest, 16);

l=0 and rest=0xquux

and on #Linux (at least)
l=0 and rest=xquux

Is there any #C99 gurus who can tell if there is a defined behaviour?

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It'd be cool if #LLVM was ported to #Plan9 but I don't want C++ to invade it.

Hmmmm I wonder what happened to the efforts to get p6 on llvm.

A good comment on the silliness of investing in SPEC numbers.

"And noone cares about trying to settle things down and produce a compiler one can trust (because version N+1 runs 3.14% faster in the loonystones benchmark which doesn't match any real life use case). Who cares? Tomorrow's compiler will generate code which will complete an infinite loop in less than 5 seconds; stay tuned for more accomplishments!"

Taming Undefined Behavior in LLVM, by John Regehr

I want to talk about a new paper ( about undefined behavior in LLVM that’s going to be presented in June at PLDI 2017.
Its goal is to describe and try to fix some unintended consequences of the design of undefined behavior at the level of LLVM IR.

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