3 polished characters, introducing: The Athete, she's a pro sportball champion, The Botanist, they're a wizard when it comes to plants, and the Teacher, he's a nervous brainiac who *might* be scared of kids.
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My computer tower is down presently and I don't have the patience to process the 570 photos from today on the laptop. Here are two of the better shots.

More Soon

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Well, I guess the whole family is inked. Now I have to decide how to color them all.

Ten minutes, one overlay layer later, and I can firmly say that both this brush and I freakin' rule. <3

Four episodes of Sense8 later, three and a half characters inked.
I miss having my proper drawing material, it has been packed away since more than a year. But it feels good to take the time to ink something again.

Imported the DAUB ink brushes, and this is as good a time as any to remind you yes, *tools matter*. Each brush changes the style. A *lot*

🖍 Hi,

theme: "behind the void"

with a mixed media piece made by graphite, markers and a little bit of watercolor.

btw. the eye is empty but it is staring into the green world. So you are looking behind the void ;)

Happy Painting and god bless ;D

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Okay, I kinda like this Gator pen now. What is an inking, but a miserable pile of sketches?

Last one for today, actually made with #mtpaint. I tried a bunch of monochrome low-resolution stuff.

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Here's another. I think this came out pretty good. I called it A Boy and His Dog.

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I'll join the #linuxartist #mastoart #krita game with some back catalog... (not that I'm a visual artist in any stretch of the word. But I dabble...)

When you go alone for a walk, and you find a silent soul following you. And just for a moment, it stops, remains still, and lets you take a picture. “You know... Just in case you need to prove I was here with you” – it said.