Is there a mastodon instance that is dedicated to testing? I'n developing my client I'd like to post perhaps hundreds of messages for testing purposes, and I think it'd be bad style to do it on a normal instance.


We're beginning testing of @speakittome Mastodon integration this weekend. #mastodev ๐Ÿ˜„

Good afternoon Folks,

With the flu hitting me hard, I have to call it a day. If anyone of you is interested to try Tuskr, please let me know.

I'm not ready to just dump the url here just yet as I know it is not a finished product but I know some of you will give me useful feedback so I can make it better and eventually just release it to the world.

Please note that as I previously said, you can't actually login to any instance, favourite or boost. You can only read!
Thanks! #mastodev


1) A free and open social media system that can be distributed across many instances, creating a freer, more versatile and more eclectic social media network

2) I would personally like to see @Gargron and Mastodon embrace a commercial/FOSS hybrid. Make commercial to fuel its growth, keep the software FOSS so others can build on the code and freely create their own instances.

3) Something new is coming, so keep your eyes and ears open!

#MastoTalk #MastoDev

I might move to an other instance. It's a shame you can't keep your followers when moving to an other instance... :(

Fun things admins could inflict upon naughty users, if #Mastodev did punishments:

1) Make their posts not federate.

2) Make their posts unboostable.

3) Delay all their posts by 12 hours.

4) Replace their avatar with a dunce icon.

5) Forbid all posts not containing the #imsorry hashtag.

6) Disemvowelment.

7) Dolphinism.

All punishments would have built-in time limits. ๐Ÿคก ๐Ÿ‘ฎ ๐Ÿ˜†

@bea I love this part of the guidelines so much #MastoDev ๐Ÿ˜
Saving the phrasing for other useful contexts ^^

Just updated @translator ( with a new feature! It can now be used to translate existing statuses.

To translate a status, reply to it* with "@translator [language_code]". @translator should then reply with the translation.

* Probably want to set the visibility on this to "Direct"
* Make sure to use as opposed to the @translator on your local instance
* List of language codes and additional instructions here:

#MastoDev #bots

I could finally implement the translation feature!
Still some work to doesn't seem to work with toots including hashtags....working on it!

New version of 11t released for android. Has an improved (I think) look for timelines, but mostly focuses on a simpler way to connect to Mastodon.

You now have to agree to a few things about privacy and (NSFW) content, and you can report content that is outside of these rules.

Next version will have user blocking and user muting, hopefully I can then submit to Apple again and get everyone on the same version.

#11t #mastodev

Having an issue with browser caching and can't find an issue in github, is this already known?

1. Load mastodon and wait till the timeline updates with a new post.
2. click on link in profile description for hashtag on other mastodon instance [0] -> loads in same tab
3. hit "back" button in browser, timeline reloads in initial state, without the posts that where loaded after initial page load


[0] eg.,

This isn't to say that their complaints aren't valid โ€“ they totally are, and reflect some tensions in the #mastodev community โ€“ but it's still hard to hear.

Trying hard not to take it personally when people complain about Mastodon development. It's hard not to see yourself in the software you contribute to. #mastodev

Hmm.. that escape didn't work.

How do you post a "#" without creating a tag?


Hello fediverse! Does anybody know an instance that runs #Mastodon's head (master) branch? I have to quickly check something but I don't have time/resources to set it up myself. #Mastodev #CheckBeforeYouSendPullRequest

writing something here to test flagging content from another instance in 11t.

#11t #mastodev

The web component does feel a lot faster compared to 1.2.2. #mastodev

@maloki I tell them that it has potential. But may fall victim to a Lot of funky comparability, censorship issues. #MastoTalk #MastoDev :)

Does anyone know if I can remove toots older than x days? No need to keep them longer than a week imho. #mastodev


1. It means a new tool to communicate and share ideas with people around the world;
2. I think Mastodon should be a contrasting social network, avoiding fan clubs(the reason I believe TW is down now) dedicated principally to share ideas;
3. I never spoke about it yet, just want to see how far I go without it. I only know one person from other social networkings here.

#MastoTalk #MastoDev #Mastodon