Sorry Mastodevelopers I was meant to be checking the Dockerfile and Docker setup documentation but ran out of spoons and I'm so exhausted, I promise it'll be done as soon as I can get it done
#mastodon #mastodev #development

#mastodon #mastodev #development

Anyone else use Vagrant and face issues when following the vagrant guide for masto?

If anyone is interesting in discussing how a feature for federating reports could work, I would recommend you checking out this thread:

Note, experience doesn't matter you can learn I started knowing very little about even git but a few days in, I've learned a lot!

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If you are a keen programmer who knows or is willing to learn ruby, ruby on rails and/or nodeJS, join an instance other than and and start learning and get involved! I've joined, is another running their own fork, ask around, get involved!

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Now if I could export and import my toots, I could move my entire accountโ€ฆ

as you saw in the article it was "in the future", however, if you're interested in this right now, I'd highly recommend posting something about it on the Discourse, and if it becomes a regular thing, we may just make a "bounty" board, so to speak.

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Since some of these injections are pretty cool, maybe we should make them legit features with buttons to activate?

i deleted a couple abandoned accounts on some unsavory instances, and the delete process is SUPER EASY. i'm sure it was hell to code, but it's painless for users. thanks #mastodev

Having an issue in my local dev environment (everything on localhost, default ports) and for some reason I can't for the life of me work out why CSRF verification is failing.

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In the 1.4 Roadmap we had the feature "patch-notes modal", but it did not come to fruition. One of the problems: we had not figured out how to do it in a simple way.

So we are now opening up the discussion for two ways of doing it, 1. as simple as possible. 2. bit more fancy with translations etc.

Wanna help with fleshing this feature out? Head over to the discourse:

Roadmap for 1.5, has been aptly named "Admin Love".
Hope you will all like what's in store!

(Reminder this is an unmanned account, and we will not respond to any @'s )

I'm seeing the disk space for this instance slowly being eaten up by verbose Sidekiq logs. If anyone has pointers on fixing, please let me know: #mastodev

There is currently a discussion on Discourse about how to make Customization easier for instance owners.

If this is a topic of interest for you, I think you should join the discussion today!