#mastodon updated to 1.4.5 but still tagged 1.4.4 😁

Someone on Twitter just sent a shout into the void asking if there are any #Mastodon instances by and for #sexworkers. Anyone know of a thing?

#needhelp #nsfw

Depuis le v1.4.4 j'ai l'impression que ma timeline globale est enfin fonctionnelle. D'autres utilisateurs d'une instance single-user ont remarqué ça ? #mastodon #singleuserinstance

Sorry i let you wait: just upgraded to the latest release of #mastodon.

Updated from release tag v1.4.3 to v1.4.5 (it still labels as v1.4.4)


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Honestly, I don't yet see too many people here on #Mastodon and it's a shame. And I don't like the accounts that are cross-posting from facebook/twitter.

Anyone can suggest some interesting accounts to follow here?

Thanks ;)

Mastodon Timeline Peeping Tool by YUKIMOCHIで覗けてtoodonで見れないインスタンスあるの発覚。アカウント作ればtoodonでも見れるんでしょうけど #マストドン #mastodon

😎 Finished upgrading my #Mastodon instance to v1.4.5 💾 Thank you to all that contribute!


On this line, I am by not replying to work related things until I sit down and clock-in to work.

It is good to remember that I am only hired to work 20hrs / week, at maximum, and that I have (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), which is another reason for why I need to set proper boundaries.

So no, I'm probably not ignoring you, but if you want to be really sure I notice your feedback, post it on It will get read.