Me: I spend too much time at home alone, I need to go out more, I have to make new friends, interact more, go to parties, have fun...

Also me: why the fuck did I leave my room, what a waste time, I could be sleeping right now, I hate everything, the sun hurts my eyes, the air hurts my face, humans should go extinct...

#me #socialanxiety #wtf

Pourquoi les gens ici mettent /me à la place de "je" ?

#me #? #geekerie

Does anyone know anything about #pem or #pene with regards to #me & #cfs ?

I'm trying to figure out whether my fatigue is "chronic" and that's something I've got to think about but tbqh I'm just fucking fatigued all the time atm so I can't tell of its post exhaustion of not. Its horrible. 🙁