also i happened to find an anime character who is #Hecka #Me

im still feeling Very Gay about how one of my girlfriends went image-board searching for pictures that she thought were #Me and that's where my avi cam efrom and im just really gay okay

lb: that's rather #Me but idk what the plusses area bout

@pan crona is so good n important and #Me

this is literalyl crona in the anime, sitting in a corner bc they're sad and nuzzlin a pillow
#Me as hell

above is possibly the most #me toot ever

im so jealous of @soft_chomps avi i want the same thing but #Me

@MililaniVF @pan this is toko the inexperienced succubus! also its #Me

someone else pointed out if u combine 3 of my characters (Lhaura, Autumn, and Glimmer, then they're #Me)

@Fidgetcetera also like felis aesthetic is #Me

there aren't many pokemon that are #me but consider that: espeon is basically the closest thing to me rly. except its not quite,

I've been avoiding persona 5 spoilers like the plague but all I know is

Haru is #me