Comment trouver les PC avec la technologie VPro :
"Method 1: Walk around and look for the Intel® vPro™ badge" Ok xD #AMT #ME

When freedom seems to be disappearing
It is time to go deeper inside us
Looking at me as i am, a king
With no fear among us

It makes me believe
It makes me confident

And sometimes when the world seems too dark
I can find this light
A candle with more power than a nuclear weapon


To Garry Host
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Les oiseaux apprivoisés se contentent de chanter.
Les oiseaux libres, eux, volent."
- Henri Miller -

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there aren't many pokemon that are but consider that: espeon is basically the closest thing to me rly. except its not quite,

I've been avoiding persona 5 spoilers like the plague but all I know is

Haru is