You can now link directly to an instance card by using an all-lowercase anchor tag matching the domain, like this:

I think I'll put little bookmarks next to each card so people can save the info for later when comparing instances.

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Now there are instances for four other Japanese TV channels, NHK, Nittele (NTV), NHK ETV, and TBS.

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OK, I think I'm officially leaving my account at to die.

I've just imported my following and muted info from that account to this one. There was little discernible difference between the two accounts, so I might as well just "combine" them. #meta

Japanese mastonauts! There's an instance dedicated to discussion of TV Asahi shows!

@translator ja
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Japan's counterpart seems to be

#meta #mastodon is a linguistics-oriented instance and I wanna be there but I'm not comfortable with the idea of having more than one account yet *spins around on floor like Homer Simpson*

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Is there a newsletter that covers the 'best of'? | #ask #meta

#meta auto-update of the web UI streams seems a little flaky. Some days it just works. Some days, page refresh is needed to display new info.

I have a described list of the fediverse at

I'm currently trying to figure a way to filter it from javascript without 8 billion library addons. 😣

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Github issue of the day:

"Show avatar and header on "edit profile" page" -

Because currently on Edit Profile there is no indication of a profile picture *at all*:

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Further we are really want to hear from you, in the greater community, what you would want from this discussion forum. (on the forum, not in a reply!)

There is currently a thread up where you are welcome to engage in conversation about what categories (boards) you would like to see.

If you are an Instance Admin we also have a category for you to connect with other Admins. This is to serve as a complement and/or replacement to the admin discord channel/matrix, as well as the mailing list.

If you want a sub-category for your server or connected servers (white-lists etc.) you can reply to this post, what have you:

We are slowly but surely setting up different categories on the forum.

If you are an app developer, or have any other associated development with Mastodon and want to easily stay in touch with translators we are now offering sub-categories in the translation category:

If you are interested in helping with translations, this forum will be a good place for you!

Someone started an issue for #pronouns on the #Mastodon github and I responded.

It's one of my special interests, can you tell?

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There's an excellent discussion on account domain blocking on the Discourse forum at #meta #mastodon

Well well, look who claimed /mastodon on patreon! (Finally!)

(yes it's @Gargron )

There's an update out regarding hires, and plans for what to do with this great support we are receiving: