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The image is still a big ugly black box, but at least images are hidden by CWs in all cases, whether you click the Hide Media eye button or not!

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I just went to check an instance's /about page to see their federated timeline, and realised when I got there that the new landing page with the public federated timeline hasn't actually been released yet... :D


let's all remember to support accessibility. i imagine it's likely that there are #blind folks amongst us that can't actually see the pictures you're posting. include a little text about it. you've got 500 characters after all, use it!

also, those of us using the command line will appreciate it too :)

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Es ist freundlich und nett hier aber es fehlen mir die politischen Diskussionen mit lokalem Bezug. Blase und Hass im Zwitterwald hin oder her…

It's friendly and nice here but I miss the discussions about local politics, despite the bubble and the haters denaturing tweetworld.

@fenarinarsa @jd this is very unfortunate. There should be a way of getting the whole conversation for people using small instances. Probably a notice and a external service would do.

Mastodon would be a nice place to discuss local/communal . People join mastotdon for less general interests. Therefore, it is difficult to get enough people from the same place that are affected by the same problems…

Downvote category for inappropriate/hostile/abusive comments | #meta

This morning someone on decided to reply to my "leftists should all be vegan" toot. I think he was really lost. #meta #whydoesthatinstanceexist

This project is very hard. I'm not sure if I should post big things or little things, concrete things, abstract things, deep or simple things. I guess my first thing to do is to decide what things to do count as things to do #SummerThingsToDo #meta (again)



also how do I fix that the Infocom wikipedia article doesn't "exist" in it dammit


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I want to write some things I want to do this summer but I'm already too tired tonight #summerthingstodo #meta

Local instance #meta stuff: looking up resources on Codes of Conduct in advance of conference call today!
The Geek Feminism wiki has a spreadsheet comparison of several different CoCs:

i'm experiencing this weird timeline oscillation on safari mac (only) on most or all of the instances i'm on, when i scroll down far enough. i can't seem to reproduce it on other browsers though. anyone else see anything like this?

media hidden because of flickering

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