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Dernière apparition publique du compositeur de musiques de film Basil Poledouris (Conan, Robocop, Sauvez Willy, Starship Troopers, A la Poursuite d'Octobre Rouge) quatre mois avant sa mort de maladie, pour la "Conan Symphony" au festival d'Ubeda de 2006.

Au-delà de la qualité limitée d'exécution, sublime musique et grande émotion.

Partie I :
Partie II :

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Me aburro tanto que me he hecho un canal de dubstep para el gimnasio.

Hello Mastodon! Here's my newest piano vocal cover - Camilla Cabello ''Crying in the Club''. Give it a boost if you like what you hear ⭐️💜⭐️ #music #singer

#music: Трек дня - свежий 2 step / uk garage трек британского продюсера Hypa Karate

On May 23 of 1986, released their debut album, Look What the Cat Dragged In. Initially, I ignored this band, dismissing them based on the ad of the album cover in magazines such as Circus and Hit Parader. That was until I saw them open for in April of 1987 on the Dancing Undercover Tour and then I was sold. Saw every tour that came through Northeast Ohio in the 1980's. From their opening for Ratt and David Lee Roth to their headlining tour with