@Zulgrib and are focused on security. on portability (but with a few PaX features ported over for security). on enterprise features (ZFS, Jails, DTrace). With being based on , you get enterprise features with enhanced security.

Et hop! Le deuxième #Meetup #BSD #Rennes c'est le lundi 26 juin 2017 à partir de 18h00! Inscription gratuite mais obligatoire! Venez nous rejoindre sur !
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on the is pretty cool. But it definitely makes me want a new . Building anything from pkgsrc is painfully slow on my

900+ days of uptime on a super secret SDF DEC alpha server 🥂 🍾#netbsd #retro #tech


> is an introductory site covering the features & benefits across the different members of the BSD family of operating systems