After a break on -daily we take a look at dynamic loading (dlopen).

I've experimented with #FreeBSD in the past and found it quite interesting. But I never quite got it to work properly on a laptop. After reading this post, I am tempted to try #OpenBSD:

@_tj Well, I'll admit I do set sysctl ddb.panic=0 on some machines, which reboots them instead of going to the ddb kernel debugger when a system panic occurs. Having one of two redundant firewalls sit and wait for user input at a ddb prompt in production is worse than rebooting it upon failure. Such problems can be debugged in a test environment instead.

Today is officially (for me) "Donate to the projects you love day"! , , <3

Wife used the today. Of course she managed to hit a ddb prompt on within an hour... Just got 15M email with ddb trace 📸

No -daily today. Need to think how the format should continue. Reading daily without an overall plan started to degrade read quality

"My BSD sucks less than yours - Baptiste Daroussin & Antoine Jacoutot" LSE Summer Week 2017

If you want to help but don't know what to do, here are a few things I would like to see

: iscsi backend, and qcow2 disk storage.

HDMI Audio

WebRTC in Chrome and Firefox