So... just found out I can watch projects on github, think I'm going to start reading random C sources from #HardenedBSD, #FreeBSD, #DragonFlyBSD, and #OpenBSD to help build up my ability to do anything useful in C. Has been fun so far looking at OpenBSD's cat(1) and cp(1)

Today on -daily we read the code for Freeguards in malloc ('F' and 'U').

Bon ben comme ma Jessie/Stretch est cassée, je vais profiter de ce week-end pour remplacer Debian par OpenBSD, voir ce que ça donne autrement qu'en Virtualbox.

#aventure #openbsd #debian

Today on -daily we read how malloc canaries ('C') are implemented.

sysclean 2.3 is out !

sysclean is a system tool to list obsolete files between #OpenBSD upgrades. And you could keep your system clean and soft.

Today on daily we read how malloc guard pages ('G') are implemented

\o/ finally has an up-to-date and usable (and, hopefully, stable) port:

Been testing it in Berlin's mesh network. If you are connected there, look up

Some Linux-specific features (e.g. SmartGateway) aren't supported yet, though.
And it's not using (2) yet, either.

Today on -daily we read how malloc does allocation junking and DuClare explained bit twiddling for chunks ;)

Reinstalled my WS and had to fix printing with #hplip #hpcups in #OpenBSD (third time I'm doing it in over two years). Apart from not so obvious package names, you gotta make sure "env python" works, duh!