About my small home server adventure: the server is up and running, currently facing the wide Internet from inside my house, which is great.

I don't have a static IP address, so I have to route everything through a VPN to actually have outside connection.

Thanks to Hurricane Electric DynDNS at least I can have a * subdomain which links to the VPN IP.

ddclient updates dynamically the address.

It can even survive a sudden power drop, and can put itself online autonomously.

Hey folks released an episode! Check out the number 1 podcast. Glad to see them back after a 7 month break.

has turned 10, Wow. I remember finding it on SourceForge and submitting the short-lived port, becoming an official project some.. 10 months after.

For those who care about email, my 2012 piece "In The Name Of Sane Email: Setting Up OpenBSD's spamd(8) With Secondary MXes In Play - A Full Recipe" has been slightly modernized. Enjoy! (yes, )

I mustn't forget Mastodon! ThinkPad E560 on -current. Potato attached πŸ₯”

Goal of the hour: setting up an home microserver. GO!

@qbit stop lying to the people of mastodon and users. 😜

The actual presentation for our tutorial at @bsdcan is inching closer to being ready for prime time. (now with working url, thanks @kurtm)

The actual presentation for our tutorial @bsdcan is inching closer to being ready for prime time.

#OpenBSD 6.1: several security patches with reboots since release, #FreeBSD none during last year. I wonder if #FreeBSD is more secure. πŸ˜‰

If I already have an apu2 and the hostname is apu2, and for some reason someone give ANOTHER apu2, what should be the hostname?

mission du soir : trouver comment lire un joystick USB avec #openbsd #sparc64 en prΓ©vision du #thsf !