Amazon always on mic && Camera that can ON itself (NSA vulnerability 😉 )
Makes Google a better one

New #podcast series from #Mozilla called IRL, Internet slang for “In Real Life.”

Host Veronica Belmont shares stories from the wilds of the Web and real talk about online issues that affect us every day.

In the first episode, All Your Data Are Belong to Us, she talks with a private investigator, a data broker, a guy who claims his headphones secretly spied on him and more.

What’s their take on your data #privacy? Tune in and find out.

♲ @Raymond Johansen ( The right to #Privacy equals the right to #FreeSpeech, because mass surveillance leads to self-#Censorship

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It's kind of sensationalist, and a bit of a weird comparison. The sources aren't all amazing, but I'll be damned if this didn't help me explain my desire to fix the internet to some normies.

Whenever I end up in a conversation about #privacy, #opsec, or #decentralization -- I get the weird tinfoil hat looks from the other listeners like I'm some kind of weirdo. 🤓

Saying that #privacy is evil because some people use it to commit crimes and then hide is like saying kitchen knives should be verboten.

Or #xmpp with #omemo (#otr)

RT @tek: Your periodic reminder that #Mastodon's private messages aren't. Use something like #Signal if #privacy is important.

The Five Eyes are meeting this week to discuss "national security" (aka. how to force tech companies to introduce encryption backdoors).
Australia looks set to take a hard line on .
Your government no longer cares about your or . And that's not news, I know.