@cphuntington97 I am sometimes in rooms of interest, such as #social, #friendica, #mastodon,, #tent on freenode; it mostly depends on where I am (recent #VPN issues with #hotel_wifi = use Matrix on my phone instead).

Really interesting and wise thoughts from Evan Prodromou : The Power of Wikis, the Problem with Social Networks, and the Promise of A.I.

I had lots of interactions in #identica
They all got wiped when Evan moved to #pumpio
Remember: everything on the Net is temporary

@pztrn wrote: "raw scp is slow, only 14 gb of data was sent ATM. It's still copying”
And as I understand, copied data could be corrupted just like zip files that you tried to copy before. Only this time you won't be able to see this :-(
Anyway, I think that this migration will give you helpful experience in making changes in large production systems. Especially in planning/preparation to such changes.
I remember when Evan Prodromou migrated from #StatusNet to #PumpIo implementation, he made several attempts fixing migration problems before he could successfully switch to the new server. But actual downtime was not long (as I remember...), because every migration step already proved to work during that previous "migration exercises"...

@cristomc FYI supports , so it already can communicate using Activities. I expect minor changes to adapt that implementation to what currently is...
The most interesting part will be communication from a single client application with different ActivityPub implementations as with a single Global Social Network...

#Friendica and are different projects, started by different people. Evan Prodromou, founder of what became #GNU_social, founded
@shel Thanks for noticing CW and "post scope" for #Mastodon.
"CW" (Content warning) is just a message title, which Mastodon uses (today) as a spoiler to hide a "toot"?! I agree, the option to add a title is really needed as it is supported at least by Mastodon and
Post scope, as I see, is a simplified way to select the message recipients. The feature is actual for also (which has Public and Followers predefined groups of recipients), so I will plan this also.
@arunisaac it also seems like a more robust way to do #federation between self-hosted video sites than strapping on or #OStatus

@arkan #statusnet, #Quitter, #mastodon, #postActiv et #GNUSocial sont tous déjà réuni sous une même interface et même même réseau. Il existes #Friendica qui permet à ces utilisateurs de communiqué avec tout les réseau fédéré possible. Y compris #diaspora, #pumpio et hubzilla.

@notnavigium @strypey I have two possible sources for the name: @mk or @jpope. It could have been around the #bifurcation (when #Identica switched to, splitting one network into two) or even earlier, around the time of the StatusNet 1.0/1.0.1 upgrade, when identica was offline for multiple days and many of us launched our first self-hosted instances.
@paulfree14 ...because a standard for federating typical #OStatus or apps is unlikely to cover all the features #Hubzilla includes

@maloki It's interesting that a couple of years ago we discussed a generic term for our networks (including and ), and that time I came to conclusion that "Social network" is far better term than "Microblogging". Interesting discussion:
Tip: application can store messages for years, this is why I easily found that conversation ;-)

@cdllm @cdllm #Zot,, #ActivityPub, #Matrix and others are currently competing to be the successor to #OStatus
@nicolasmaia Because Evan intentionally built his next SocNet,, with an incompatible federation protocol and no support for the one used by #StatusNet / #GNU_Social.

Though I see why. With almost no revenue, operating a giant site like was about to bankrupt him. Pump was a way to keep it going while he figured out how to support himself and his family.