TIL we have a pkg for arm64. I think I'm going to tinker with bro on an running .

@BigBrother moi c'est intégré à #thunderbird et depuis peu jeme suis #autohébergé #freshrss sur un #rpi3 à la maison

sinon, ça s'appelle un #agrégateur de flux , suivant ton matériel et en faisant une petite recherche tu devrais trouver qqch d'utile pour toi

I know I've already said this, but I'd like to thank Soft Iron again for donating an OverDrive 1000 to . It sure does help to have something better than an for porting to .

I'd like to thank for supporting the . Having such a physically portable system has been a tremendous help with some of my projects. I wouldn't have been able to do those projects without the selfless dedication of the FreeBSD community.

Even though the performance of the is disappointing, I still find it fun to tinker with. Running on it and toying with different things is fun.

@mathias What you're seeing is the firewall, not the .

Over 2TB of data transferred in 41 days for my relay, which runs on on an . That feels good.

Tonight's goal: set up on an just for neomutt.

I will be doing new builds of for the and today, which include Stack Clash mitigations and the ability to use our new signed arm64 package repo.

A fun install of OpenElec on the #rpi3 consumed my day, but what a glorious thing it is.

I think #OpenElec comes with a kernel driver for using an IR sensor through the GPIO; maybe I'll google a bit cuz it'd be sweet to hack up an old remote with it (unlike the BBB whose timing jitter just snorted at my attempts).

allez, il semblerait que j'ai compris le plus gros des manips à faire pour héberger quelques services à la maison \o/

Merci à tous ceux/lles qui m'ont déjà permis d'en arriver là

à partir de rien, sont fonctionnels, la distro, nginx, mariadb, php5-fpm et adminer

et 2 services ont déjà retrouvé leur place :D l'un avec et l'autre sans base de donnée

on the is pretty cool. But it definitely makes me want a new . Building anything from pkgsrc is painfully slow on my

Here's an early image of with SafeStack for the . For _extremely_ simple applications, this works. However, with more involved applications (even ports-mgmt/pkg), it breaks. There's clearly more work to be done, but progress is being made.

The boards are ready for my presentation at . Preloaded with , Tor, and a DHCP server.

@wolf117warrior @EllerinPrv n'est-ce pas ^^ mais bon, tu y es pour qqch dans cette réussite hein :p

je viens de tester d'autres alimentations et rien, je pense que c'est la carte mère près de la prise usb qui a pris :/

Donc "trop" fâché, j'ai recommandé un et une alimentation au cas où :D

I've got all the maps downloaded for offline access in preparation for . Making some changes to my home network slides and flashing on the boards this weekend. Can't wait to see all my BSD peeps!