W00t! My little rust game engine thing has 1001 downloads! 🎊

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Icefoz from the #rust-gamedev #IRC is helping me out with porting ggez to Opengl 2.oldasfuck:

"Take all the things in the `constant` fields on lines 77 and 83, turn them into globals in the pipeline definition, fix up whatever that breaks. :/"

So guess how much fun I'm having. Now I'll reveal this:
that stuff is in a macro

Now iterate on your guess.

Who even came up with graphics? I just wanted to draw lines onto a window to make my stupid Asteroids clone. Now I'm porting an engine.

OK, donc les "spurious events" sont attendus, et mon workaround est en fait la manière correcte de les gérer…
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Man, you know something you've created is successful when someone creates their own, similar thing because they have different design priorities:

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RT @viralparmarhack: It was an amazing session with 100 future IT engineers on #Rustlang #rust love my work @MozillaIN @rustlang… source:

RT @mozillabrasil: Heey, já viu falar de #Rust? Sabe o que come, onde vive e o que faz? Não?! Inscreva-se e vamos mergulhar juntos! 🌊… source:

This week so far I have installed #Linux on a practically-medieval 7" Nexus tablet, managed to get #Perl6 ARMv7 running, compiled Panda from source, installed a #RustLang ARMv7 toolchain on my regular box, gotten SSH-over-USB working, and cross-compiled a #Rust "Hello, World!"

Don't think I've ever put so much sheer dedication into something so utterly useless!

It's like being a parent.

The Lisp/Scheme crates currently written in #rust are:


Is that enough? (I have not vetted these for quality, only a little bit for content.)

@elomatreb imo learn how stack/heap/ownership work in C then pick up #Rust; that way you first learn where the spike pits are and then the guard rails will be in places that make sense