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"In this report, Nembhard lays out the vision for a 21st century Cooperative Commonwealth characterised by interlocking ownership and solidarity structures."

The basic principles of #anarchosyndicalism are #solidarity, #directaction (action undertaken without the intervention of third parties such as politicians, bureaucrats, and arbitrators) and #directdemocracy, or workers' self-management. The end goal of anarcho-syndicalism is to abolish the wage system, regarding it as #wageslavery. Anarcho-syndicalist theory therefore generally focuses on the labour movement.


We can speak about , writing an emotional toot how bad it is and that it really needs to change...

...and we also can think of how to overcome it.

Within mastodon people from around the world in all sorts of different economic situations are here

We are the once able to overcome inequality If we act in .

We have learned enough to know how bad inequality is.
Let's bring us through the closer to .



The garbage collectors at RenoNorden that have been on wildcat strike since July 4 in Stockholm quit their jobs this morning, after holding a vote.

Same day the employees at competitor Liselotte Lööf decided to go on sympathy strike.

"Thus all of Stockholm stands without garbage collection until the conflict is resolved" wrote the local union representative at RenoNorden.


#Solidarity FTW!

I kind of want to port my twitter bot to here. Today, it posted ' are amazingly great! '
What a nice bot!!

let's form !

- to not deal alone with problems
- to support each other
- to increase our possibilities
- to break the logic of capitalism
- to share what we can
- to take what we need
- to maintain resources as commons

...because we're not here to reproduce the status quo

And it's all just a question of will and organisation.

How about kicking one off through mastodon?

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join/read here:

society we're living in has formed narratives harming us.

Let's deconstruct some:

doesn't mean
doesn't mean
doesn't mean
doesn't mean

doesn't mean
doesn't mean
doesn't mean 1%

doesn't mean

doesn't mean wealthy
doesn't mean slavery

What else?

The #Vermont #Solidarity Investing Club just approved our 3rd investment: the loan campaign in support of MoCo, a startup food #coop in #MorrisvilleVT. Now we do #DotVoting on #Loomio to decide how to divvy up our liquid funds between the #coops currently accepting investment capital...

#vt #vtbiz #coopcapital #coopprincipal

Ich wuerde mich gerne mehr mit sprechenden Menschen im fediverse vernetzen. Fuer solidarische lokale Aktionen scheint mir die Vernetzung auf lokaler Ebene wichtig.

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people suffer not because we're not having enough .
people suffering of hunger because we live in a system based on concurence instead of .
30% of all food is getting wasted while every view secounds a child dies as a result of starvation.

...and still ppl come with sick arguments like:
- we need to solve this problem
- we're to much humans on earth

...fuckin sick. We're just to much ignorant dickheads on earth. So please do us a favour and leave!

Had our bi-monthly meeting of the #Vermont #Solidarity #Investing Club last night, and we decided to invest $1k in the #Cooperative Fund of #NewEngland and $500 in the preferred stock offering of a local #WorkerCoop.

Since starting in January, our club has aggregated ~$6k for the local #coop economy, and is currently adding to that sum at the rate of $830/month. A drop in the bucket, but exciting to be laying groundwork for a strong local grassroots co-op capital ecosystem... :)

Credit Commons Collective: initiative bringing together CommunityForge and CES #opensource projects to increase global cooperation of #solidarity communities and the technology they rely on:

On my way to the Social #Solidarity Economy conference currently happening in Athens

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@saper call me naiv but I don't think it's very complicated. all it needs is , which always start where someone is currently located and scales up if more resources are available. difference between friends or stranger.

...indeed creating a society based on solidarity is complicated.

@mattcropp hi, friends of mine wanting to build a solidarity economy based on shared income and saved money to make everything crowd sourced.  I would like to hear some of your insights. I've been into the world of #cryptocurrencys 3 years ago. So I guess I missed a lot. Now I'm making a research on alternatives to #bitcion which are suitable for collaborative banking and fitting by design the idea of #solidarity #economy
Until now I know #faircoin and #duniter 

#socialcoop #stillhatecapitalism