Too much framedrops with Doom, we gotta download more RAM before we revisit that game.

However, stream will continue with some soon! Just a mini breakfast break first.

After finishing DarkStar One, @Loa is moving on to play some Protoss in today! (SC2)

Live! With some Sunday Starcraft 2.

Join @Loa as he tries and figure out this game! Trying out Protoss.

"I have no idea what I am doing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ "


I wanted to stream some Starcraft 2 (campaign) tonight, but I have to get up for fasting blood-tests tomorrow, so I gotta go to sleep early. And streaming makes me hungry. :P

But, I'm still gonna recommend a good stream, for anyone who'd like some Starcraft 2 action:

Good morning!
up and at em, with some :)

i like watching bots play #starcraft

> you must be really good then

oh no, bots suck at starcraft learned nothing useful

It's GSL vs WCS Jönköping (Dreamhack) as a theme for today. I'm loving it! 😎

Yes, I really really like

What am I doing today? Watching the finals! For some Starcraft 2 action!

So, anyone here into Starcraft? Especially Starcraft 2 tournaments?

We're currently watching this weekend

Original Startcraft: Broodwar works now well with wine-staging 2.9. Tried single player, and plays movies perfectly. Haven't tried multiplayer yet.

You can download it for free from Blizzard:

(it's just an installer)

#linux #wine #starcraft