Stream about to go live, get in here!
Co-op Thursday \o/ Both me and @Loa today, for more Path of Exiles!

Going to broadcast myself editing a script and recording a new role playing podcast I’m working on after dinner.

(Eating now)

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Such eine Möglichkeit meine Music zu Streamen, also am besten Self Hosted Music Streamer. CherryMusic kommt ran, doch würde ich gerne meine Nextcloud als Speicherort einbinden, was bei CherryMusic nicht geht, jemand eine idee?

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After finishing DarkStar One, @Loa is moving on to play some Protoss in today! (SC2)

🔴Live! Morning stream with @Loa on our channel! Who loves spacesims??
come join

🔴Live! Morning @Loa stream time! Continuing my Darkstar One playthrough.

Twitch is currently having some sitewide issues, so if you can't connect to my stream properly that's why.

You can still come and hang out in chat with @Loa and me, while I'm having a break! (eating a little).

Playing StarDew Valley tonight!

The time has come, to continue onwards. We´re stuck in the nine hells, searching for a greater demons heart to get back home. Will we succeed? Only time will tell, in Baldur´s Gate Trilogy. Come join me at , it´s fun ;)
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Live! With some Sunday Starcraft 2.

Join @Loa as he tries and figure out this game! Trying out Protoss.

"I have no idea what I am doing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ "


Live! Living the life as a space bounty hunter in Darkstar One. Join @Loa on our channel!

need me some strimm..

Thursday! Co-op Thursday \o/ Path of Exile, first playthrough.

This morning it's @Loa 's turn to test out the new settings.

He'll continue his playthrough of DarkStar One! Wanna come and fly in space with us, and follow a quite silly blue-eyed story? Come hang out in chat, or just watch the stream!

Let´s clear up Valygars name inside a magical planar sphere in Baldur´s Gate Trilogy, at
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"We should make it easy for people to give their Bitcoins to miners!"


New camera settings, new mic settings. Hopefully we've improved the production value of our stream.
I'd love to hear some feedback though! If anyone wants to come by.

We are currently on a tiny break, but you can come hang out with us in chat until we come back live! :)

Some tweaking has been made. And we may have just improved the production value by A LOT.

Come hang out, and see me on my "new and improved" camera :)

Some anti.-anxiety Path of Exile today

Ohh. @Loa is awake, I'm helping him set up the stream. (live soon)

He'll be playing DarkStar One today. Let's go to space!