@cveidson I couldn't get it (subway tooter) to work on my phone. I use android so that might be why. I just started using #tusky and so far it's been working perfectly.

@cveidson have you tried #tusky ? That's what I'm using right now and it seems pretty nice.

I've been making a lot of quality of life improvements in this past week. Really regretting merging in the notification prototype so hastily. Because, now I'm sort of in a pickle where I can't do a major release until it's stable.

I'm definitely going to push out a beta release tomorrow.

notification prototype for update: The last 12 hours have had the most notifications sent of the run so far, I'm pretty sure? I did a fairly lazy fix yesterday for what was causing memory spikes, and it seemed to work well despite its laziness.

Hmmm weder #Tusky noch #Stegodon scheinen die Instanz zu kennen, kann mich nicht einloggen :(

En tout cas, depuis la mise à jour de l'instance, #tusky fonctionne sur mon #android

Je vais enfin découvrir cette petite application pour me faire une idée!

I've made search its own page and now it has hashtag searching (finally). But … the, uh … old search bar is still in place so there's two searches on the code right now.

Did autocomplete for mentions today. There's a tiny thing about the presentation of it that bugs me, but I'm taking a step back. Moving on to remaking searches.

Pues como no notifica y no lo encuentro me he pasado a y la verdad que está muy bien diseñada. Eso si, establecer que sonido quieres en la notificación no existe

@vmann is usually the way to go :) I love that app. It's available on fdroid ;)

@MightyPork I prefer it over #Tusky but idk maybe tusky has been improved since I used it.

Et pourquoi mes notifs elles arrivent par lot.

Tomorrow, when you go back to because has no notifications, make sure you close the door

@AquaMarching yeah, same here, #Tusky too. I've also seen some Mastodon users use #Amaroq.

Testing #twidere. The UI looks great. I will use it with #tusky both for #android.

Twidere downloaded from