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@wion the empty space below the textbox in the leftmost column would be a great spot where to place such a feature: submitted toots would be placed there stacked one under the other and gradually fade out as the editing window expires, each with a big fat pencil icon next to it, ready for our editing needs. #UX #Design #Suggestion

When will companies understand that #UI and #UX are not synonimous? As a UX designer I don't have to be a photoshop master, just as a copywriter doesn't need to know how to use indesign. Is it that hard to understand?

@ZeniorXV In order not to reinvent a wheel I suggest to use text reader's notions like "continuous", "one page/message/toot...", " one conversation" etc. reading modes and a way to navigate in that modes:
- in continuous mode we scroll vertically only (as we do now in a timeline);
- in a paged mode we scroll vertically one page (or one conversation...) only and move between pages using horizontal swipe gestures.
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UX Research: Stop the Objections! #UX #Research #MorningLinks

Good advices to place UX Research at the right time during a product development process.

Point #exposants RPLL :

Algoo sera présente aux #RPLL2017 les 4 et 5 juillet à Saint-Étienne #Merci 👍 .

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À très vite pour ces rencontres 😉 .

And once again, I deleted a toot when all I wanted to do was to delete the notification of someone having favourited my toot. 😞

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@abgd ironically, the site not only crashes my browser, but also displays an annoying "open in app" button in front of the content. Well done!