Worked on an admin UI for categorizing and managing custom emojis in batches

@Gargron All due respect, but I don't understand all the fuzz about emojis in the #Fediverse when there are real UX hurdles to be solved.
One is #languages. I still find myself daily in a dilemma between unfollowing someone or just ignoring they non-English posts.
The solution is so simple, though, the language filters even already exist:


Yea, I recently tried to convince some of our donators to let us use a portion of the funds to funnel into gargons patreon. Sadly this and similar reasons is why they said no, they just didnt feel the priorities were in the right order (though I can still donate a little of my own money).

Plus the responsiveness from official channels like joinmastodon when people want to contribute is nonexistent. I made several attempts via here and through email to reach out on a few different issue s(one was to make donations another was to contribute some code additions). Even when trying to offer code or help the channels were completely silent even after multiple attempts.

I very much appreciate everything gargron does of course, but I agree, the priorities and responsiveness in the sight of progress needs to be addressed desperately.


@freemo @Gargron @stevenroose I personally would prefer a filter to limit explicit language in timelines...not sure about Mastodon's software but Gab lets you mute specific words, but I'm pretty sure the kinds of people who don't want to see cursing also won't want to type out all the curse words they know...

@realcaseyrollins @freemo @stevenroose Gab is just a reskin of Mastodon, of course the mute words function comes from Mastodon.


I think he is saying gab took it a step further and has some sort of pre-built in list of swear words you can enable as a filter.

I never used gab so i cant say but thats what I heard from another user too.

I do know gab added a few features but they were VERY minimal and very buggy. So not disagreeing it is **mostly** a reskin.

@realcaseyrollins @stevenroose

@freemo @stevenroose @Gargron No, no, no, they didn't! But I want them (and Mastodon) to do so!

I spoke off my experience with Gab, not my experience with Mastodon, as it is minimal.

@Gargron @stevenroose @freemo That is what I thought, I just was not sure as I am not as familiar with the Mastodon settings interface.

I believe my point still stands? I think an option to mute curse words without entering yourself would be nice.

@stevenroose Language filters are unreliable because language detection is unreliable. Applying them to the home timeline could lead to you missing real content from the people you follow which is why I think that's a bad idea.
Eugen: that's why you have to work on a good UI to help users specify the language they use, and get a reliable way to know which language is used (as expected by
#activitypub spec).

By the way
#Hubzilla (and #Friendica I guess) has a good, efficient, and well working language detection which allow reliable language filters. Feel free to ask their developers for advices.

@Gargron First of all, most people I follow have their language set to English so I won't miss their content. It's only the polyglots that are the issue. If you're concerned about users missing content, perhaps show a warning when a user checks the box to filter the home timeline based on languages.
But also, like @ayla says, the UX to select the language can be better, I have been trying to push this issue for a while as well:

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