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Eugen @Gargron

This is Mastodon

ยท Web ยท 263 ยท 378

@Gargron Oh, wait, I totally had something for this...

A spectre is haunting Purr-rope!

@bstacey @Gargron Comrade Cat prepares to seize the mews of production

@Gargron o_o

it is. I have the set with that print of the communist manifesto in XD

@Gargron Minnie actually does this on her own. Keep mind that I drape the old towels over the easy chair so she can sleep there without shedding on the cushions...

@Gargron Kitties love to be warm. I have one cuddled up next to me as I type this.

hello? this is GNU social. please leave a message after the tone ;-)
@Gargron congrats, mastodon is now illegal in poland

@Gargron ...and I'll bet the cat's thinking "hell, I've already read this. Y'got any Mikhail Bakunin around?"

@Gargron *hides Tory membership card* YES! Only Marxists here! ๐Ÿ˜…