We have a new update! Ethical aesthetics – Librem 5 design report #7

We're curious your thoughts on this potential branding decision.


I think the edge brnding keeps nicely in line with the minimalist aesthetic, and it's easy enough to cover with a case (you will offer a case, please?) if someone prefers to keep such details private!

this device is awesome... name on the side is quite acceptable. Even with the sober Purism logo

it is an excellent design, and certainly preferable to a large screen printing

@Purism Doesn't really matter where you put the branding. People are going to put a protective case on it, masking most of the branding anyway :)

tired: text id
wired: image id
inspired: design id

(i remain interested by the work you're doing, i want to be protected from surveillance capitalism [as much as possible], and you seem to be pushing privacy potentialities to fruition)

good luck! 🍀

Love that you're carrying over your laptops' minimalist aesthetic over to your phone! This won't be the first phone to have labeling on the side; for example the Moto X4 has it on the bottom next to the headphone jack. But great look nonetheless.

@Purism I like idea of the branding on the side of the device. however I think it should be in a place where someone "might" notice it and ask about it.

@Purism A black-on-black logo (gloss on matte or vice-versa) is discreet. But the side logo idea is ok too.

Things that concern me more are: how big is it and how robust is it?

I would not put any case or cover on my #Librem5. I'm not a fan of carving anyrhing into the Librem5 since those spots collect dirt.

@Purism I like it, both the actual design decision of using the side and the reasoning behind it.

@Purism I appreciate the minimal branding/logos on my laptop. If I were to ever get a phone, "less is better" IMO.

@Purism I may be in the minority here but there are some companies/products that I want to promote passively (and actively). The Librem 5 is one of those products. That said, the aesthetic on all your devices is fantastic & I can't wait to get my Librem!

@Purism :yep_its_wood:
yep, that's a black brick with a touch screen.
that's all i can tell from this picture


I have mixed feelings about this... On the one hand I applaud that you aren't *forcing* your users to become walking billboards for your brand... on the other, if I had one of your products, I personally would *want* to show off that I was using something as cool as what you make (especially the librem-5).

Your logo is also so minimalistic that it wouldn't look crass displayed anyway. In an ideal world each user could choose for themselves, build to order. Not realistic, I know!

@Purism keep the branding minimal, nothing will prevent from using a case that flashes "LIBREM5" in full caps and full size on the back.

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