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thinking about this birdsite thread

and I had a different question, sorta related: what are the games (or other interactive experiences) in the past five years or so that are most opinionated about what a narrative even is, or how a narrative works?

my list of games like this would be something like... Colossal Cave Adventure (a story is rooms and objects); Her Story (a story is a search engine); 80 Days (a story is a directed graph gated by simulation); Fallen London (a story is a deck of cards); etc. (not all from the bast five years obviously, but that's sort of what I'm thinking about)

@aparrish The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (a story is something I can't mention without revealing a great deal)

@aparrish If you're a fan of Edith Finch, I think you'll enjoy it. Powerful ending.