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“Non-canonical control in a cross-linguistic perspective”, co-edited by Jutta Hartmann (with Anne Mucha & Beata Trawiński), is out now! Nine chapters on types of control in i.a. Greek, Korean, Japanese, and Hungarian. You can find more here: benjamins.com/catalog/la.270

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If you’re interested, get the paper from the WCCFL 38 proceedings lingref.com/cpp/wccfl/38/index and get in touch if you have any questions!

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Another goal is to consider why there would be such a typological gap in the first place; I argue that the gap follows from certain assumptions about the syntactic/argument structure of ditransitives and the interaction of morphological case and agreement.

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One goal of the paper is to test this observation; the sample it builds on includes 99 languages from all over the world (see osf.io/fr4b5/); since then, I’ve looked at further languages and still not all logically possible types are found. Fun!

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Looking at variation in the expression of ditransitive constructions (e.g. DOC or PDC) and the choice of agreement controller (recipient or theme), it turns out that only some logically possible combinations are attested, e.g. agreement with the theme in a PDC, but not others.

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In this paper, I’m looking at languages in which the verb can agree with one (but only one!) of its objects, considering which of the two objects gets to agree with the verb. The two choices are the recipient (him) and the theme (the flowers).

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Languages vary in how sentences with two objects (ditransitives) are expressed; many have several options. English has “Mary gave him flowers.” & “Mary gave flowers to him.” The former is a double-object construction (DOC), the latter a prepositional dative constr. (PDC).

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The proceedings of WCCFL 38 were published last week, including my paper on a typological gap in ditransitive constructions! You can find the open-access paper at lingref.com/cpp/wccfl/38/abstr! What is it about, you ask? Let me give a brief run-through!

The third and final volume of SAIC is out. 🥳 Thanks to everyone involved at @LangSciPress@twitter.com and all the contributors! The volume is packed with chapters about case and agreement with lots of data from many languages and new ideas on how to analyse them. All open access, of course!

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Just published "Syntactic architecture and its consequences III: Inside syntax" edited by @Andraas@twitter.com
Bárány, Theresa Biberauer, Jamie Douglas & Sten Vikner langsci-press.org/catalog/book

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To all remaining Orban-apologists and enablers in the European Union: THIS is what you’re supporting. A regime spying on its own citizens, and a totalitarian criminal.

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Bitte lest, wie der Rechtspopulist Viktor Orbán - stets hofiert in Deutschland und Österreich von Parteien rechts der Mitte - in Ungarn Journalisten & andere Mitglieder der Zivilgesellschaft abhören lässt. @SZ_Investigativ@twitter.com projekte.sueddeutsche.de/artik

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The syntax schedule for the 2021 online EGG school is finally ready. Maria Kouneli, @AnkeHimmelreich@twitter.com and Adrian Stegovec will teach advanced courses on noun phrase structure, agreement, person restrictions, and universals. You can still register! More at eggschool.org/

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„nach Amstetten eini“ statt „nach Amstetten“ fahren – dialektale Direktionaladverbien aus der Perspektive einer Sprecherin aus Ardagger Markt

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So, you've heard it's time to dump WhatsApp & switch to Signal... but how? @mshelton breaks down how to get started on iOS, Android, & desktop, use group messaging & attachments, & set yourself up for privacy.


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Incredible news from the EU: mandating open interoperability for communication silos, or face a 10%(!!!) fine of worldwide turnover. @facebook@twitter.com, @slack@twitter.com, @microsoftteams@twitter.com, @whatsapp@twitter.com, @twitter@twitter.com - you know where to find us... :) 🙋🏼‍♀️

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Lots of folks are asking for the source: ec.europa.eu/commission/pressc has the details. "Require gatekeepers to proactively put in place certain measures, such as targeted measures allowing the software of third parties to properly function and interoperate with their own services;"

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Morphology: Crash Course Linguistics #2 What even is a word? Well… linguists don’t really know! But that’s ok! When linguists want to get super specific, we don’t even talk about words, we talk about morphemes instead. t.co/6OSpadXICz

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