Where can I find the source code to the official iOS app @Mastodon

@ConnyDuck do you think agpl dictates that the app be open?
It's certainly not on their shiny new serious™ no-toot GitHub

@Mastodon Congrats on the release, going to try this out right away! 🥳 Here’s hoping there’s an iPad app in the works too… 😉

@Mastodon congrats on the impressively polished release!
Are multiple instances/servers supported or am I missing something?

@privilegejunkie @Mastodon there kinda are already a lotta android apps for masto.
Tusky, fedilab etc.

@Mastodon can‘t find local and federated Timeline in the App 🤔

@betamax65 @Mastodon That's because the developers thought the app would be better without it, for a reason unknown to anyone except them and @Gargron.

@TheCanine @betamax65 @Mastodon @Gargron It’s not just a missing feature then? Fastest uninstall ever.

@telroy @betamax65 @Mastodon @Gargron No, but I'm hoping that if enough people express their opinion, maybe this incredibly stupid decisions will be reconsidered.
It was one of the reason why I wanted the app to be open-source, so others could improve it, but I don't think that's the case either.

@TheCanine @telroy @betamax65 @Mastodon @Gargron so it’s settled then “no local and federated timelines”? Sounds like they throwing away their base values. 🤷‍♂️ I hope it’s just an MVP and these features will come in the near future.

@Gargron @icanswiftabit @telroy @TheCanine @Mastodon Too bad, I think that bodes ill for the web frontend and possibly also the access via third-party providers. For me it is the feature par excellence. I can not imagine without these possibilities to continue to be active via Mastodon. I think I will look for an alternative in time. Mastodon is not the Fediverse alone.

@betamax65 @Gargron @telroy @TheCanine Huh, welp. This got me thinking. This app shows potential future or plans for Mastodon. We already have one Twitter. I was using Moa for some time. IMO it's time to stop and go back. I hope @Mastodon will reconsider.

@Mastodon Wow. I can’t find it by searching the app store for “mastodon” but it’s the top result for “mastodon for iPhone”

…this is the iOS app store. What other system could it possibly be for and why is it necessary to specify?

@Mastodon posted earlier that just "Mastodon" was taken already.

@Mastodon is there any possibility it will ever be compatible with older ios? still running on 13 because phone is on the older side.

@Mastodon any chance you will support iPad in the future? Thanks.

@Mastodon Where are the local & federated timelines ? :iosthinking:

@Mastodon Congrats team!! When signing in I can’t find my instance octodon.social.

@drh I had the same problem. But searching for the full "octodon.social" instead of just "octodon" worked for me (for some reason)

@ennedia @Mastodon Not a dev on the mastodon app, but supporting old iOS versions is pretty painful as you can‘t use any of the newer features in iOS.

@eval1cious @Mastodon well, that's one way to see it. Another way is that you're cutting yourself from a sizeable chunk of users, with older hardware and older OSes. I thought Mastodon was supposed to be the anti-Twitter. :)

@ennedia @Mastodon The oldest iPhone that will be able to run iOS 15 is the six! year old iPhone 6S. You can get one of these for around 8 Big Macs.

The next older device is an iPhone 6 which is almost seven years old. It should not connect to the internet for security reasons.

Additionally you also cut out people if the app doesn't perform well. So the tradeoff isn't quite as clear as it might seem on first glance.

@eval1cious @Mastodon I'm afraid there are a few things you missed, one of which is that not everybody with a "newer" device updates to the latest and supposedly greatest version of the OS because it may (and many times will and has) unbeareably slow down the device to the point of making them unusable. Another thing to consider in choosing how many iterations to support is that Mastodon is (in theory, and hopefull) used all around the world, even in "poor" countries.

@Mastodon Congratulations on getting it done! Are you planning to create a translation project on Crowdin?

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