The fixes are here! ✨ 3.5.1 is out, fixing some issues in the last release:

Notably, instead of having to enter a code sent by e-mail to login from a new IP address, you'll now just get notified about a new sign-in.

@Mastodon that's great! That code was a little annoying.

@Mastodon I appreciate that the option to "Always send e-mail notifications" was added (in ).

I've had difficulty with the in-built search, so I tend to search my email for the contents of notifications instead.



Llegaron los fixes a la versión 3.5.1 de Mastodon. Voy a tener que trabajar :cwy:

When will it be available for Android ? Will it be on FDroid ?

Thank you so much for your job, you will deserve peace Nobel Price for making a Meta/Twitter alternative that does not manipulates..

@Mastodon that seems to be a tradeoff that could weaken the security of logins. I anticipate this could enable spam accounts.

@Mastodon @Gargron Sorry to bother you again, but unfortunately this issue is still not resolved. Please take a look.

When new users who speak a smaller language and use that UI, they will see nothing on the explore page. Even for Dutch and not only on smaller servers, because I just tested it on This means those people think there is no content on Mastodon and that is exactly what you wanted to avoid with this Explore page.

On and I removed the Explore tab, but when the official Android client is launched, the Explore tab is back and I don't have control over that. So please fix this asap, because this is of huge importance. Not only for me, but for all speakers of smaller languages.

Slightly related is this other issue, but I see you followed my proposal on, so I hope this one will be released asap as well.

@joenepraat @Mastodon It will take longer to fix this, there were critical fixes in 3.5.1 that should not be delayed

@Gargron Yes I understand, but please consider it for 3.5.2, because I'm convinced this is a huge problem.

@joenepraat @gargron @Mastodon

I've got my UI set in Dutch here and I also get blanco columns on Explore/Verkennen other than hashtags and suggested followers, this definitely looks like something is broken even if the rest of the instance works

@joenepraat @gargron @Mastodon

I set it to German and I now get content in the columns (as would be expected), but that does mean an instance is sort of "locked in" to the main language used on it (despite most instances containing many users who regularly use more than one language, indeed I think this is a major (and positive) part of Fediverse/Mastodon culture

@vfrmedia Yes and consider that Dutch is a middle-sized language. Think about languages like Norwegian or Slovenian, to just give some examples.

@Gargron @Mastodon

@Mastodon Yup. Signing into e-mail would have been too much for login.

@Mastodon glad your are fixing some issues. Expect more new members to sign up in the near future and take my words for it.

@Mastodon Wait, does that mean I'm going to get a new email every day now? My IP changes every day… Can I disable that somehow for my own account as a user?

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