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furries vs book banning (I am absolutely serious), Vice.com article 


So, Mayor Gene McGee of Ridgeland, Mississippi is withholding funds from the Madison Country Library System.

"Library officials told the Mississippi Free Press that the mayor had demanded they purge their collection of LGBTQ+ books, which he called “homosexual materials,” before his office would release the money."


"After the mayor’s announcement, the library began an online fundraiser. The goal was set at $2,500.

Soatok[, a furry,] said that when he first came across it, the fundraiser had yet to raise a single dollar. So, he tweeted out a link to the fundraising site, encouraging his community to donate. To kick things off, he included a screenshot of his inaugural donation of $500."

"Though Soatok doesn’t have a large Twitter following, his post was quickly amplified by popular furry accounts. Within hours, the goal of $2,500 had been reached. The next morning, Soatok tweeted a new screenshot: The library’s fundraising page had reached just over $9,000. And over the weekend, the donations continued to pour in.

At the time of writing, the fundraiser is at just over $44,000— slowly creeping toward the halfway point of the $110,000 that McGee is denying the library."

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you've heard of kitchen table polyamory, get ready for boardroom desk polyamory (you have a monthly board meeting to decide of the polycule's strategic decisions)

you wouldn't suck dick to the Home Depot trap remix?

I wrote the previous toots because I'm working on my d&d 5e campaign and the thoughts have been floating around for a while now. I've been experimenting with character focused writing for both my PCs and NPCs and it's definitely a different experience.

right now I'm working on my BBEG's story and motivation which lead me to working on his eldritch patron because it always comes back to world building with me lmao

partially because I'm trying to find the "right" answer to not upset other people, but also because I genuinely can't come up with an answer and that makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong.

it's hard to tell if my enjoyment of helping others is what I want or if it's a trauma response.

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what stories do I want to tell? as a roleplayer, I've made my hobby using my innate interest in plot and world building to help other people tell their stories. seeing the threads come together is its own special feeling, but when it comes to me telling stories on my own for myself, I always get stuck.

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me: Buttcoin, the Proof of Ass cryptocurrency. The better your arse, the more internet money you get.
me: wait, that's just onlyfans

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thinking about Monster Hunter... can't wait to get home tonight and start Rise!!!

I love sharks because I too wish to simply swim, eat, and vibe

people getting excited to share their language and culture with you is such an amazing feeling. I love it

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sharks are good. they're important for the environment and they're just good.

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broke: ass and titties

woke: back and shoulder muscles

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