Hello Fediverse,

Today we have been testing federation support between mastodon/pleroma and pixelfed with great results.

We will post an update tomorrow with more info! :pixelfed:

@dada MAIS DADA, tu es vivant ? Tu es bien le dada que je connais ?

@wolfheimrick La question est : suis-je le seul con à utiliser ce pseudo ? 🤔

@dada y'a moyen, surtout des libristes se prenant pour Breton mais étudiant dans le Grand-Est.

@pixelfed wuuuh! His would be the best Christmas present ❤️❤️

@pixelfed It’s hard enough getting humans to place together let alone things built by humans.

This is exciting news.

On dirait que l’administration de va bientôt devoir mettre à jour sa page d’accueil 😁🤗 #pixelfed #fediverse

@Roland restons prudent tout de même, pas trop d’enthousiasme ^^

@valere @Roland c'est la 45° annonce de fédération nan ?

@pixelfed really happy about this!! Excited to get on the fediverse with pixefed!

@pixelfed I don't know if Pixelfed will federate in the near future, but thank you for your work and for developing Pixelfed!

@pixelfed hello @pixelfed ! When android app will come out? Its realy need to be! 🙄

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