Our reaction to Gab joining the fediverse:

- Blocked Gab domains

- Added Community Guidelines

- Added user level domain blocks

- Added CW to comments

Fascists and Nazis can h*ck right off and are NOT welcome on our platform.

@pixelfed ok who runs this account now this does not sound like dandsup :dvalul:

@anna Nobody else has access to that account 😉

@trwnh ohhhhhh right right yeah.... its totally dan..... i forgot................... :witchywink2:

@anna It was! The original version was a bit more harsh.

I never thought I would have to say that, I naively thought it was already apparent by my actions and previous toots.

F*ck Nazis!

@xeno @dansup i will use the h*ck "meme" forever i dont care how "cringey" it is it keeps me from getting banned from online games

@dansup while there are minors on my instance, it is my job to teach them curses :witchyfly:

@anna @pixelfed On the contrary, censoring the word "heck" is perfectly on brand.

@hypolite @anna @pixelfed dan was gonna say the fuck word but i told them they should upgrade it to h*ck


Curious, do you know him from before or do you just define your race as anime?

@pixelfed I don't agree with this decision as I prefer to allow users to have ultimate power in what they filter out.

But I also understand the need for a good default experience. The best solution I see is maybe having default instance blocks but allowing users to unblock them.

Either way, pixelfed is still awesome overall and agree with everything else you do so I will continue to support 😊

@geotechland perhaps you may prefer to think about it as an example. e.g. "for example, this is how you configure COSTAR to reject gab domains” 😇

@hypolite @pixelfed they don't need to default to blacklisting instances they don't like on the software level. giving users and instance admins competent tools to do what they want is enough

@tromino @pixelfed I don’t get it, if you’re fine with unprincipled software, there are popular alternatives. So why are you here?

Fuck off with this blocking other domain shit
This stuff is stupid

@misslav @pixelfed
I also think it's not the way to go, but it's their software, their decision.
If you don't like it, you can fuck off.

@pixelfed it took me a while to find out what "gab" is XD

If others are confused too:

#gab seems to be a platform/website/social media service. So it's a service not a software. With focus on far right content and freedom of speech (to spread that content).

Blocking those by default is a good idea I think :)

@deusfigendi they are switching to their fork of Mastodon, so it’ll become open source software too

@deusfigendi @pixelfed they're planning to integreate themselves into the Mastodon interface, so this is why pixelfed is doing these domain blockings

@patrick @pixelfed what does this mean "integreate themselves into the Mastodon interface"?

And it seems totally clear to me why @pixelfed blocks it, now that I know what it is XD. My confusion was "what is gab?"

@deusfigendi @pixelfed Gab used, or is still using a centralized interface like Twitter, but because the money train is falling apart on them, because no normal people want to join their dumpsterfire, they're moving to a decentralized interface like Mastodon and Pixelfed. This means they can interact with mastodon users, but most instances already preemptively blocked their domains.

Thats not true. If you let fascist speak, everybody else will have to shut up. In fact, dominants defend the speech freedom, but there no speech freedom without censure

@heurrevex @pixelfed
I don't expect people that have never experienced #Freedom to understand the concepts
Just too used to being on the leash

@pixelfed that's cool and all but tbh i don't think you need to. gab is so fucking broken rn that it can barely federate

Given the account that posted, I am not sure if you either blocked the domain in software, and all instance will inherit this or if you blocked it on Could you be more specific on this?

While i totally agree While blocking these Bastards, I totally disagree with blocking on software level.
I think it is a bad idea. Blocking should be done by admins.

@pixelfed communists murdered and enslaved millions of people around the world, will you block radical communist instances?

um isn't that censorship. kinda defeating the point of decentralization.

also you censored the word heck. honk honk.

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