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@pixelfed Is there an official docker image for PixelFed? I would love to try this, but all the images I have found haven't been updated since the beginning of the year.

@tercean I actually found yours shortly after I asked about the docker image. Got it up and running somewhat on UnRaid, but failing on email verification (goes to a pixelfed "page not found" after clicking on "send email confirmation"). I am pretty sure I have my SMTP settings correct.

I've been running your image for a few months now and it works right off the box. Meant to say this a while back..Never too late though - So THANK YOU!
Like you rightly said, It's most likely an SMTP setting issue. I switched to SES and it works all good now!

@sriperinkulam Yeah my SMTP setup is a bit convoluted as I use ProtonMail.

@tercean Is there a way to test SMTP using the cli of the docker as opposed to keep trying to send a confirmation email on the front end?

@sriperinkulam @tercean Found a command for artisan tinker that lets you test swiftmailer functions....that pretty much told be what I was doing wrong, so that's all set now.

@pixelfed If no one has told you today, I'd like to be the first to say you're very talented and we're all thankful ❤️

@blusterygay @pixelfed Let me piggy-back on that! Thanks a ton for everything you do with building this ecosystem!

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