We choose to experiment with post edits and do other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.

If we want better alternatives we need to take risks and accept when they fail. 🚀

@pixelfed Please add ability to add location in these post edits! :)

unrelated to the feature 

@pixelfed the blurhash preview for that picture is terrifying

@pixelfed you should show that its edited and a version history to keep it transparant.

@pixelfed If you want to improve edits then include a reference to the id of the previous post in the new edited one. That will make things much easier on the server.

Right now when edited posts arrive they appear as near duplicates but with no connection, so that it's difficult to algorithmically guess whether the user intended to edit or merely write a similar post.

@pixelfed any way to access from mobile? crashes with apps like pixeldroid, tusky, AndStatus or fedilab, and the same thing happens with the browser, this crashes when trying to login

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