You can now edit the license of your statuses. We're working on adding more fields to edit, stay tuned!

@pixelfed Should be very usefull to be able to define a default licence in profile

@pixelfed Can we expect a mobile app to Pixelfed, like the webapp? It would look dope, ngl.

@pixelfed I know, there is Pixeldroid, but it does not look so dope like the web view.

@pixelfed the feature for import Instagram exported backups is now stable and tested?

@gubi @pixelfed I have been asking myself this same question, too. The point is that my export is several gigabytes big… could I select only some pictures?

@pixelfed i have tried pixelfed yesterday. I like the new coming updates! 👍

@pixelfed do you keep the timeline? Correct license for a download will depend on download not display time :-) (tricky! Pixel chain :-))

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