Did you know you can follow hashtags on ?

Click a hashtag, then the follow button and you'll see them when you browse timelines.

Forgot which hashtags you follow? Go to Settings -> Relationships -> Hashtags to view all the hashtags you follow.

@pixelfed is that federated ?
I can only see posts from my instance under each hashtag.

@Lapineige @pixelfed

Is pixelfed designed to run on smartphones? Or it's a website for computers? I don't see an app for it.

@tuxicoman the website works fine on smartphones (even as a basic PWA), but there is also an official app on the making.

@pixelfed This would be a key feature to migrate to other Fediverse platforms: #Mastodon, #Pleroma, etc How would that happen? And is it part of or an extension to #ActivityPub?


@tchambers @pixelfed

In Mastodon the equivalent (from the browser UI) would be to Pin the hashtag, so you get an extra timeline column. You can set a bunch of filters on that and use AND's and OR's in relation to other hashtags.

That last bit is handy, because I want my columns to fit the browser. Here are my settings:

@tchambers @pixelfed could certainly have hashtag activitypub feeds np. there's just not a great way to declare the feed as such, to my knowledge

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