We heard you!

We removed suggested posts and the "You're All Caught Up!" screen from home timelines.

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@gmate8 We might bring it back as an opt-in feature. It was a mistake to make it opt-out.

@pixelfed I liked the idea but it had 2 flaws:

- Most if the time it was lying: there were new post that I never saw below it
- When I click on it to unfold hidden posts, it would refresh the timeline, sending me back to the top, so I had to scroll scroll scroll back down to see the new content.

(Using the browser on iPhone 6s, iOS 13)

@narF @pixelfed Are you sure the photos you never saw before weren't the new suggested ones by people you don't follow? I saw someone else with this criticism, and it turned out this was the case for them

@phillipprado @pixelfed Fairly sure. I follow a lot of people who post a lot of pictures.

@pixelfed yeah my main issue with it was that I want my home timeline to show only stuff that I purposely followed.

If I wanted to discover new content, I'd go to the discover page.

Instagram added that feature to keep users cycling through endless posts for continued "engagement"

Really designed to keep us glued to the platform.

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