In case anyone was wondering due to recent discourse, Toot! will be blocking any gab domains.

I do not support white supremacy and hatred, and will never support any server that promotes it. It will be me the one deciding which instances I want to block and which don't, not your app. I don't support white supremacy or hatred either but enforcing blocks on instances is not right.

What if someone uses gab WITHOUT THE INTENTION to support extremism? Now your app is blocking that person to me and I don't like your app.

@enigmatico That person would be massively confused, and I see no need to make things easier for nazis by trying to help a confused person.

And I will always and forever stand by my view that standing aside and doing nothing about evil is itself an evil act. If you are in a position to act against evil, not doing so is plain morally wrong.

@enigmatico then they've made a really weird choice about which instance to use, given how much right-wing extremism there is on there 🤷

@tootapp (Minor suggestion, feel free to ignore: Consider not doing it silently? Like, if they put in a Gab domain, put up a pop-up or something explaining how Gab is trying to hijack and risk the reputation to get around their ban., or something.)

@tootapp @AzureHusky excellent 👍🏼 Makes me proud to say I paid money for this app.

@tootapp I fully respect your stand on this! Also some people need to look up what “censorship” actually means XD
Sorry you’re getting so much flak for this.

@peacememories Oh, there are always the loud ones. Judging by favourites and boosts people are quite happy in general.

yo this owns, don't have an iPhone to grab your app tho :(

@tootapp yo sorry for all the shit the usual gang of free speech absolutist assholes are giving you. even beyond a moral stand, this is a good move to avoid risking being delisted by apple, and what i suggested to app devs when i first saw gab bloviating about how they can't be censored if they use activitypub

@tootapp Respect. And now doubly happy that yours is my iOS client. 👍🏽

@tootapp I had no idea what gab is before opening this thread, but I think you’re doing the right thing here.

@kyzh Toot! will try to detect if an instance is running gab’s software, and will refuse to login to it.

There’s also a separate complaint TENT block that users can toggle which currently only blocks gab by domain name.

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