Hach ja, ich lese zu gerne mal in den Wikipedia-Diskussionen. Heutiger Artikel: 😅
Weisste Bescheid!

Ich bin ja gerne auch mal testweise bei so neuem, heissen 💩 dabei. Um auch etwas ueber die digitale Realitaet abseits meiner "use-cases" mit zu bekommen. ALso frage ich mich schon seit Tagen, was es mit diesem auf sich hat und warum ich genau davon nichts mitbekommen habe. Stellt sich raus: nur fuer Apfelprodukte. Na dann Smartphone-Masterrace (Ironie), spielt mal schoen 🙃

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Schönen Spaziergang eine Runde um den Flughafen geschafft. Und nach drei Stunden herumwandern im Winter ist Tür aufschließen mit kalten Fingern schon eine Herausforderung ;)

Haha this was enjoyable 😎
Watch "Using a 1930 Teletype as a Linux Terminal" on YouTube

Eventuell ein Tipp in die Runde fuer ein vegetarisches Reisrezept?
Achtung: bin sowohl faul als auch ungeschickt was Kochen angeht ;)

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RT @ZachariasFuchs
Dieses Buch IT von Stephen King war eine echte Enttäuschung. Da war irgendwas mit einem Clown und einem Ballon, aber nichts mit einem Rechenzentrum oder Computern

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today's #drawing :]
the [#TarNex] live beneath the surface under very low light conditions. we humans would call it pitch black. the aliens can still see us while we see just darkness~
#ink #drawing #alien #creature #monster #skull #MastoArt #TradionalArt

Probably one of the best games to play while listening to podcasts is
Not really distracted so you can easily concentrate on what you are listening to ☝️

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Na, vielen eurer Neujahrsvorsätze sind inzwischen begraben?

OK now we are something like 15-16 people on our office-floor. Doesn't feel so safe anymore and be glad to be home again as of tomorrow.... 😟

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Why do you love the CLI so much?
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Since the beginning of Streaming platforms I desperately waiting for two popular "classic" series. "Family Matters"....ohhh Urkel 😅
And the other one would be "Sex and the City"
Yeah, I know. Don't judge me. I really enjoyed it though 😁

How depressing it sounds, that I am not relevant enough. 😢
Seems I will be in the last batch. Though from what I have heard from other countries, it could be worse. So will get a vaccine around summer.....

Das Voynich-Manuskript ist ja einfach nur die verschluesselte Version des Necronomicon. Wissen auch nur die Wenigsten! 😉

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#obs_studio #BBB #askfedi

Is this possible?

BigBlueButton with Person A in UK, Persons B,C,D in Belgium
----> ObsStudio in Belgium
---> recording + Icecast stream out + proprietary whatever output + chat for questions + record
Please boost - or send an answer DM

---> We are trying to figure out how to stream a large event without using proprietary tools. The problem lies in the 2 country conversation 4 people and a mix with the chat for questions

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@kenny It would cost a ton of money and almost no one would view a PeerTube instance anyway. I'm on LBRY. It's FOSS. It's free for me to upload too. And it has its own form of monetization with LBC. PeerTube just isn't a viable platform. I know people really want it to succeed but it has serious limitations that will prevent most content creators from ever using it.

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I had to install ubuntu 18.04 with kde. Everything works fine but users cannot change their own passwords with kde (although they could through passwd command, an admin password is required if users want to do it with kde programs).

I've googled it and I've found it is kde policy. Is there a simple way to change this?

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