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The Uncensored Library

"In many countries, websites, social media and blogs are controlled by oppressive leaders. [...]

But even where almost all media is blocked or controlled, the world’s most successful computer game is still accessible.

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) uses this loophole to bypass internet censorship to bring back the truth – within Minecraft."

Wait, is this the right category-term for adapters? 😅

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Welches der OpenWrt-kompatiblen Geräte ( eignet sich am besten für den Einsatz im Heimnetzwerk? Hat da jemand Erfahrungen? Die Beiträge von Mike Kuketz und seiner Fritz!Box 4040 und OpenWrt dazu kenne ich.

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Not focusing on the hardware part here, this I still need to think about.
What is the most convinient way for retro gaming? I heard is really simple and lean-back to use. Do you agree? Do you have better/even easier alternatives? Let me know. Thank you!🤗

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gdu, a space consumption analyzer written in Go for the terminal.

You just have to execute the command gdu /my-directory and you'll see all its subdirectories and how much space they consume.

More info:

#cli #linux #tip

Natuerlich laeuft bei der oesterreischischen Kundin, "Falco" als Warteschleifenmusik.

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Release number 17

There was a bug with follow requests that would crash tut, so you should update.

New features:
* Store your account credentials in a password manager
* Short hints. Doesn't show the text for all keys

Read more here

#tui #terminal #linux #tut

Meine Tochter hat das mit dem Guerilla-Kapitalismus uebrigens schon gut verstanden. Das letzte Mal im Supermarkt sagte sie: wenn man Getraenke im Markt austrinkt, muss man nicht bezahlen, hat keinen Durst mehr und kann sich auch noch Pfandgeld abholen. Na wo sie recht hat 🤷 😅

It's one of those days were I could go.... 🤐 😤 🤬

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Number fifteen of tut.

* Desktop notifications (disabled by default)
* Displays number of characters left when writing a new toot

And thanks for all the suggestions I get. Have a nice day :)

#tui #terminal #linux #tut

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Release number 14 of tut

* Yank URLs
* Pattern match/glob URLs so they will open with different programs
* Set up to five custom programs to open URLs with

Read more about the release here

#tui #terminal #linux #tut

btw...if you are using to write toots via @tut, the plugin "wc" comes in handy:

Pressing [F5] (default keybind) will tell you the total character count. Useful to know, if you are still within the 500 character limitation 🤓

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@liaizon @milan

#fediverse #followerpower
Our school was hit by the floods at July 13.
We are running our own server, using #Matrix, #Nextcloud and #Peertube with @milan's help.
The server is gone. We have organized a replacement-server and @milan is currently setting it up. You can donate and help us with the costs:
Förderverein Hermannschule
IBAN DE13 3916 2980 7318 2590 16
Usage: Wiederaufbau Server
Feel welcome to boost, thanks!

No way I did just saw a trailer for another upcoming movie?! 😱
Can't believe these guys are still alive and still rocking that sh**....
But besides the MTV show, I've only seen the first movie and some stuff from Steve-O.

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Moin :-)

Ich muss mal die Linuxversierten Menschen hier fragen:
Hat jemand eine Ahnung, wie ich Einstellungen zum Aussehen meines Desktops so speichern kann, dass es mir bei Aktualisierungen nicht immer alle wieder verstellt? War jetzt schon das dritte Mal so, dass KDE ne Aktualisierung hatte und ich danach erstmal ewig wieder meinen Desktop einstellen musste (Farben, Transparenz, Aussehen der Fenster usw). War echt nervig....
Jemand ne Anhnung, wie ich das so speichern kann, dass ich es easy wieder herstellen kann?

#askfedi #followerpower #Desktop #kde #updates

Meine Tochter spielt total gerne
Jetzt suche ich eine Alternative die in eine aehnliche Richtung geht. Also ausser das legacy meine ich 🙃
Kennt Menscht da etwas in der Richtung?

out of the fridge.... better refreshment then any cold beverage 😋

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