Finally got myself a new keyboard: Purewriter rgb (TKL version with red Kailh switches)
Illuminated and also my first keyboard with US layout. Will see how that goes. But it just can get better, compared to the French layouts I have used before 😅
Though system wise I was using the US layout already for some years 🤓

When I see the overview from my TV, I wanna upgrade 😅

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Ich hab mir mal einen schicken Shutdown-Timer gegönnt. Kann ja nicht angehen, dass ich hier wie das gemeine Volk mit shutdown -P 2:00 hantieren muss :D

Haven't checked it yet myself tbh, but I am sure it's worth to read:
"The Linux Command Line"
by William Shotts

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@toxision Ich werde diesen Begriff in Zukunft in den Ohgen behalten.(Jugendsprache) - Beispielsatz zur Erklärung im Wärterbuch ausgabe 2035

Gerade bei einer Mail ein neues Wort "erfunden"....
Die Kombi wenn man ausdrücken möchte, Augen und Ohren offen zu halten 😅

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Ich: Ich finde popos (Pop!_OS) klasse

Freund (schwul): Ich auch ;)

Ich habe es nicht gerafft 😂😂

I don't get how people can use . Or it's only on my PC: lot's of bugs, weird visual appearence, absolutely slow on theme modification which sometimes don't even applied, etc, etc....
Any better alternatives out there?

Pulled out an old Lenovo netbook I have bought five years ago but not used in over 2 years....
Finally, after dozens of live image testing, I decided to run @bunsenlabs on it 🤓
Will see about my real experience with it. And perhaps also tooting about it 😉

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Die neue Folge ist da!
Es geht um verschiedene Größen & Längen bei Penissen & Vaginen und Hilfe, wenn beides nicht so richtig zusammenpasst. Dazu eure Fragen: Wie geht Küssen? Ist "Natursekt" okay? Und wie kommt es zum Ersten Mal? #Podcast

Letzte Nacht das neueste Buch angefangen. Ich mag noch alle seine Bücher. Ist für mich 1-2mal im Jahr immer wie ein kleines Weihnachten 😻

Alright so I couldn't decide differently but unsubscribe from the channel. Luckily the last video he made was only footsteps away from me supporting him on Patreon. Which good YT channel should I subscribe now for good GNU/Linux tutorial content? 🙄

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@distrotube Communism = "common ownership and absence of social classes, money, and state".

Communism have never existed in this world, not in China, Cuba, Soviet, or North Korea. The way you use it is just propagating old propaganda --- both western and eastern.

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@spocino @distrotube
Nope. Seems I'm lucky to live in a country where law enforcement and military are well trained and have strick rules on using force and gun power (for example, they've to report and justify each time they fire a weapon). We have no reason to see them as a thread.

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Trinke gerade meine letzte Flasche , die ich beim letzten Eltern-Besuch mitgenommen hatte. Leider gab es im Supermarkt nur noch 5 Flaschen. Bald sitze ich also auf dem Trockenen. *heul*
Is doch schlimm, dass ich hier so etwas nicht einfach bekomme....ok also schon, aber recht teuer.....
Kann mir nicht jemand nen Kasten schicken oder vorbei bringen? ;D

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I wanted to take this time to once again thank every single being on fedi that posts pictures, even mundane ones, with image descriptions. Thank you for describing your screenshot, your drawing, your selfie, your cat. Seriously. Thank you. I'm not sure if you realize how much that means to me.

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What still gets me, is that somehow isn't working properly on my system. All I want is emoji support *fillinmissingcryemoji* ;)
I mean, how can I life with that? Any other solution besides ibus?

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