First time in . And is sweeeet, although I am not a big fan of big cities.

Recently I started to notice plenty of updates are being kept back from upgrading.
Not sure if I've seen this behaviour like a year ago or so. Is that correct and is there a reason for it? On almost every second update it looks like that....🤔

Received Covid-19 'Fall-Booster' vaccination invitation. Yeah!! 🫶
If there's anything for free from the government, surely I am up for it 😁

How come I see a toot in my Home-timeline from a person:
- that I do not follow
- is an unboosted (yet) toot?
? or ?? 😁

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Do you use/know any good CLI tool to track
expenses? One maybe that can generate great reports in PNG or HTML?

#CLI #shell #terminal

Poor wheelchair accessibility approach here ( )
Still better then driving on the road though..... ♿

"Privately owned Public Plaza"
So is it private or public then? 😅

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➡️ #WorldCarFreeDay was celebrated last Sunday to encourage motorists to give up their cars for a day 🚴‍♂️

📸 All the illustrative photos taken in the European Quarter of #Brussels 🇧🇪 available on our portal ⤵️!67PjJk


Hmmmmm, struggling with something in .
Neither options nor manpage showing me anything to mark items back as unread. Am I or newsboat missing something? 🤔
(v. 2.21.0)

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Two posts back-to-back, because why not?

"Installing Custom Fonts on Linux from the Command Line"

#linux #fonts #cli

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Have I mentioned what had 'exploded' on my desk last night?
And yes, pieces belong to a 4x4x4 cube. Guess I now need to nerd myself into a whole new subgenre of cube solving.... puzzling it back together 🙄

Honestly what I like most about the , my browser of choice is, that it doesn't include a plugin ecosystem.
Even the whole bookmarking paradigm isn't very intuitive at first. I really like min 😅

"..about this god up there..... what you think how she's looking?"
[Al Bundy]

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This is a public service announcement 📣
Merke! ☝
Versuchen den Rubiks Cube mit WD-40 wieder flott, sprich besser bewegend zu bekommen, ist keine gute Idee.
Gefuehlt geht er noch schwergaengiger und ist zudem nun auch noch flutschig.

Haha, good that last night I learned again something new. This time about syslogs
By going through some loglines I actually found that one of my crons (sudo apt update) was running every day between 23-00 every minute 🤦‍♂️
Oppositely of course the idea was to let it run once a day at 23:00....corrected it now 😊
Pffff, pulling apt update 60 time in one could I.

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Has anyone paid a #Belgian invoice that requires a structured code (+++###/####/#####+++) from a non-Belgian bank account? Does it work to put the structured code in the free-hand communication field? #askFedi

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Made a game involving #tokipona in #holyc on #templeos. It's not a really complex game or anything (fitting for toki pona) but it was really fun to make. I'll have to add a video here or something sometime.

Any recommendations for weird/twisted/different operating systems that can run via a live iso?
And no, ain't no option 😛
Not interested in either.
Also or based is out of scope here -> mainstream. Just want to click around in something I barely understand 😸

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