Ken Case, CEO of The Omni Group, and Dave Messent, OmniFocus Product Manager, join us to talk about the new features coming to OmniFocus 3 for Mac this September.

Tags! There will be tags! (And other things.)

That odd moment where someone you have been a fan of for nearly a decade and pointed people to their great work trashes you because of your gender.

This happens in reverse a ton, which is why I get after people who do it and never point to their work, unless they change. Seeing this in reverse is sad.

Wondering if it is time to set up my own server for Mastadon over this vacation break.

Sort of feeling like the tribes are gathering, like they did 10 years ago (this time more slowly). I miss the regathering of the tribes in a new space.

Hmm, trying out mastodon and it is loaded with oddities


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