@schestowitz I know you from #Diaspora. You post a LOT there (some might say ... too much - lol)

Any webapp to follow in the same interface the numbers of my , and followers (and maybe more)?

#diaspora continues to grow
Same for #mastodon
#twitter #censorship drove me to even joining #gab
We need substitutes
Twitter=social control

I just found my very first post to the federated network from 2011-05-06. Post number 398 on :-) #federation #diaspora #oldhere #cyberarcheology

🔴 Le mercredi 26 juillet, venez à #Lomener près de #Lorient (56) pour parler #diaspora* #mastodon et autres framachins…
On profite de mon passage chez mon frangin pour organiser le premier “diaspero” du coin. 🍻

@carlchenet @Liberapay merci <3

Je l'utilise au quotidien, on est plusieurs dev à avoir créé notre compte et à l'utiliser comme plateforme de dons principale.

I finally took the time to write a draft of an announcement for the release of the second major version of the diaspora federation protocol. A big step, it deserves a blogpost on the foundation website. I hope we will be able to publish it soon ;)

I just updated which now uses the last major version of the federation protocol. Please report if you find any bugs ;)

I was on #Diaspora
I saw something nice
I clicked "reshare"
Then I checked the profile and this person describes himself as a "Trump Supporter Anarcho-Capitalist"

I feel sick..

A free net is necessary for a free society, and free software cannot thrive in a world where access to the Internet is controlled by people who work hard every day to restrict our freedom. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman Ajit Pai is looking to hand control of the Internet over to companies like AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon, who are much more interested in their own profits than protecting your freedoms. Spread the word--tell your friends why we need to defend net neutrality today.

Please visit

#fsf #gnu #linux #net #netneutrality #debian #ubuntu #gnome #diaspora #culture #music #art #gnu-linux #software #hardware #science

Je vais redémarrer pour la mise à jour vers la dernière version de *. Le service sera donc indisponible un très court instant. @FramasoftStatus @Framasoft

Woah, someone should really make a good introduction on the differences and similarities and the interactions and who can talk to whom between #hubzilla, #friendica, #diaspora, #ostatus (#gnusocial / #mastodon) etc.

I finally managed to add a working "comment on Diaspora" button on my blog posts: it ask the user for the domain of his pod and open the post in that pod, so the users of every pod that federate with mine will be able to comment! Note: it will work only with recent posts on my blog, I need to update the old ones.

#diaspora #federation #blogging #wordpress

I'm betting @April wishes as much as I do that decentralized social networks could allow pods to operate from #ZeroNet. Where are the crowd funding campaigns to incentivize this?

#Mastodon #Libertree #Diaspora

@maiyannah This is partially why #Diaspora developed Aspects - for private posts meant for a given group, only send the post to people in that group. Don't federate it at anyone else, in fact, don't acknowledge that the post exists if you are not a specified recipient.

Hardly infallible, but it's a decent workaround. The only shitty part is trying to make contact management work with a microblogging interface that currently only offers following.

And I'm still fighting with the 500 chars limit here. Why the hell a limit? Are we that hurried we can't read as much words as we want?

And then everyone is like "Wow, kids now don't know how to talk properly, the language is dying, shades are disappearing!".

Well, have a breath, take your time. Those too hurry to listen to you definitely are missing something. And if you don't have the space to express yourself and feel prisoner, go somewhere else and be free. (<3 :D)