N.B. for new people and old people who maybe forgot:

Only #hashtags in toots are search-able. So if you want to post about your interests in a way that other people can find, use a hashtag.

e.g. I am a fan of #pineapple on #pizza, everyone else is just #ObjectivelyWrong

slacker^Whacker, addict. re-

Also follow me on bird site to see how I really feel about topics:

the most highly addictive substance on this planet is #pizza. everything else is kindergarden.

Our lord and savior, who gave us 🍍 on πŸ• has left us :(


sounds disgusting but actually delicious Show more

What is/is not '#CulturalAppropriation'?
Arun Gupta speaks at Left Forum Conference 2017
β€’ Title: 'Can Hawaiian #Pizza Explain Donald Trump?'
–– skip the intro, go to 9 minutes and Arun starts

deAngelo's #pizza was decent. Better, I'd say, than the national chains. I'm guessing they are only in #Baton_Rouge.
Hmm. Now that I know I won't hit my weight goal before I leave #Baton_Rouge, I want the #pizza that was supposed to be my reward.
!tzag, feds! Giggly sleepover with last night, neither of us got much sleep but her new computer is alive. Eating a super healthy breakfast of #pizza and a double #espresso πŸ•β˜•