Magic is real. Humans get magic when they turn 200. You are one of the first.

Time Travel exists. But it is text only, and the government already knows where it is going to land. They've hacked the site, and changed the forum topic to a Time Travel themed Writing Prompt to hide the truth.

Even evil lairs have to adhere to the standards set by the Homeowners' Association.

The good news is that the superweapon has been activated. The bad news is that it seems perfectly content to just dispense ice cream.

You are in an accident and as you climb from the wreckage, you glance back to see your lifeless body. No one responds to anything you do or say, until you hear your name from behind you from a voice that seems to comfort you, yet scare you to your core at the same time.

A new show has announced a one billion dollar reward for the first person to win. It's your job to make sure it's unbeatable.

You are superhuman, and are viewed by everybody as a villain and somebody you should fear and avoid. The truth is, you created that reputation so that actual supervillains will be genuinely afraid when you come for them.

A very successful Hitman that collects their pay and gives to charity.

A demon visits your corpse, and rebirths you into the body of a young man. However, you can only control his right arm, until you convince him to transfer his entire body over to you.

It is the year 6025, recent technology has now allowed those who were deceased, to live again. The only catch? It can only be for those who have donated their organs, however the person holding said organ has to give it back for the process to work.

Man goes into coma. Wakes up after many years. Lived another life during the coma. A fantastical one. Now wants to go back.

You live two lives, one when you are awake and the other when you are dreaming. You are doing everything in your power in order to not fall asleep...

You die and realize the afterlife is a giant call center. You find out that the dead can make calls to the living to influence them, like a "devil on your shoulder."

In Fascist countries capitalism continues to exist, but only in the form of #fascism; and Fascism can be combated as capitalism alone, as the nakedest, most shameless, most oppressive, and most treacherous form of #capitalism
But how can anyone tell the truth about Fascism, unless he is willing to speak out against capitalism, which brings it forth?

#writing the #truth #five #difficulties - #bertolt#brecht 

Watching the news, you see that the last house you lived in just had a major drug bust with international connections. On a whim, you google you old houses, and find each one was the scene of some dark event for the family that came after you.

Animal rights activists who are convinced that pets are more empathic than humans, give human level intelligence to a range of animals, just to realize they can be just as selfish and vile as us.

You are on the run from who you think is the FBI. While involved in a car chase your car gets smashed against a wall. Instead of crashing, you glitch out of the map.

Did you know the Ohto C-304P 0.4mm ceramic rollerball refill writes comfortably in a 5mm line rule? Did you also know it's the same size and generally compatible with pens that take the Pilot G2 refill?

Yeah... cheap, awesome refill for smaller writing. Perfect for your typical Rhodia/Field Notes notebooks.

Sample attached to this toot so you can see it and more.

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I need something right now with an optimistic ending despite everything going wrong for the protagonist.