thinking about this birdsite thread

and I had a different question, sorta related: what are the games (or other interactive experiences) in the past five years or so that are most opinionated about what a narrative even is, or how a narrative works?

@aparrish I haven't played it, but my answer would be "A Normal Lost Phone". Related thought, I think marketing is "narrative" while storytelling is about challenging narrative. Discussion about stories has gotten the subjects of manipulating people to think something and telling stories all mixed up because of the use of the word narrative. A good story invites many narratives in and doesn't attempt to establish one singularly correct one in my opinion.


@Alonealastalovedalongthe I'm using the word "narrative" in the narrow sense of narratology, sorta taking for granted (for the purposes of this discussion) that the structure of a narrative can be separated from the act of its telling (the whole fabula/sujet thing). I think another way of talking about what I'm looking for is games where the elements of abstract narrative structure are explicitly exposed as game mechanics (in interesting ways)

@aparrish thanks for clarifying, I was actually unaware of that vocabularly so this gives me good food for thought!

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