Whose side are you on?

☝️ users refresh your web app to see the poll

@Gargron i dont understand mastodon why cann i not see it on my mastodon dot com?

@Gargron "Side? I am on nobody's side, because nobody is on my side. Nobody cares for the trees anymore..."

@Gargron Fuck, I voted Herman and I see I am on the wrong side of history. @citrustwee save me

@Gargron holy shit!! this is great! kinda upset with the results of the votes so far though

@Gargron On the inside (the whole weekend – totally recommend it)

@Gargron if only one answer is allowed, the icons should be circular. Only square when there are multiple allowed answers

@Gargron @rubenwardy i don't think this is a good reason to upend decades of expectations built upon the difference between a checkbox and a radio button

@Gargron I spent a few seconds trying to pick before I realised I was on the toot page and not in the webapp, (on mobile) and I had to click "open in web".

Maybe something to nudge the user to the right direction?

@Gargron not sure if this is intended but nothing shows, not even a link to the poll, in some apps. Here’s a tootdon screenshot

@james @Gargron i understand, i just thought there was supposed to be some fallback link to the web interface or something

@Gargron is there a way to re-grab a status on my instance? I don't see the poll and I'm pretty sure I merged master.

@ben Destroy the status via console and then re-fetch it via search

@Gargron hmm, looks like I either merged it wrong or there was some bug fixed since I merged it today because it's giving me a 500 and I'm seeing more commits in master now.

@ben @Gargron I had to delete it from the admin interface then search for it by url, then it worked

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