I've setup a new Mastodon server on The idea is to provide another space for people who would've landed on but can't because it's closed.

Even though I am currently in charge of both there are still logical and infrastructural separations between the two that give this move meaning in the context of decentralization.

Not to mention I've already scaled to's size once, so it would be easier for me to do again than to scale further.

I will undoubtedly need new moderators for it if it catches on in the same way did. Though I don't know if it will, since's initial break-through and subsequent snowballing was down to a lot of luck.

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@Gargron I really don't want to be rude or dismiss your hard work on this, but honestly, that's not why I had in mind when I said you should close's registrations to help decentralize.

@southking is often confused with Mastodon and get most of new users influx, from being the flagship instance. It was fine when it was launched, the network desperately needed an onboarding and demonstration instance.
But now, with thousands of instances, the project doesn’t need a flagship instance anymore.


@southking By keeping’s registrations open, the instance became HUGE, making it difficult to moderate, and worse, making it almost impossible for other instances to not federate with it. Moreover, the bigger it became, the more it keep being the “default” instance for new users, getting even bigger and bigger, etc.
That’s why a lot of instance admins have been asking @Gargron to “definitely” close registrations on it for quite some times now.

@southking But opening a new flagship instance undermine the whole point. Also, it’s a problem to have multiple big instances being managed by a single person. I trust @Gargron, but in practice it means that the Fediverse mostly *has* to trust him when it comes to the way he manage the flagship instances, since we can’t defederate from them without being cut from an increasingly large part of the network. It also introduce a single point of failure.

@southking Basically, the Fediverse is looming to a situation similar to its origin, where it was technically decentralized, but in practice you had to use or federate with


@Sylvhem @southking @Gargron

Will I agree with the point that it need to be decentralised. Even when I joined I had multiple thought and which domain to choose and finally ended up with

The main problems is, how can you trust a new domain? What guarantees that it won't be shutdown. (This applies to too, but as your said we put our trust on @Gargron ).

@southking Nothing. Nothing CAN guarantee you that.
You need to trust the person who manages your instance. That’s not only the way the Fediverse work, but how every Internet service work. You also have to trust your e-mail provider to not close, you have to trust Twitter to moderate its content, etc.
But unlike big corporate websites like Facebook and Twitter, you can *know* the admins of an instance and held them accountable. And the smaller the instance, the easiest it is to do so.


@Sylvhem @Gargron will that's a place which needs some work. Need to think of a more robust instance but still decentralised.

@Sylvhem @southking @gargron lava hot take: federation and the centralization of power it enables was a mistake.

@Gargron Just replace the registration block on .social with a big ad for .online.

@Gargron I would be happy to help in a new instance, I speak English, French, Spanish and Catalan if that helps 😊

@Gargron why the hell not, i'm a good admin on my instance already so why not help there as well

@gargron Could you put up a text that explains the Fediverse in Spanish? It seems that some of the new kids around do not understand it.

@Cedara Are you heading in direction of something Mastodon-focussed as (a translation of) Noelle's nice intro
or do you actually mean the whole fediverse including all the other services?

@carpenoctem Kinda in that direction. Either those new people don't understand English well enough or they are too young and don't bother with reading the rules. That's the impression I had when moderating them.

@Gargron I'm not an instance admin so what would a mod do?

@Gargron Consider me. RIght now, I'm free and I consider myself fairly even handed and fair and a decent moderator.

@Gargron Makes sense! Which geography is it hosted in?

@Gargron I just joined, mostly because my current instance is likely shutting down at the end of June. Thanks.

@Gargron Best of luck on your server. If you need anything from a fellow admin please feel free to ask.

I am a little curious more about the logic of the move, but I will hold off on any such questions.

@Gargron I like this approach of regularly creating/designating new "default" Mastodon instances.

@Gargron I haven't been on in a while. Is closing?

@gargron I'm thinking of migrating to I think, there is no chance of shutting down

@Dio Nah it's just good to have multiple default instances as a proof of concept

@Gargron Are you planning on transferring the server to different owners at some point?

@lukas Love to embrace and extend my own project


Yeah, I just think there is enough of mastodon already...

@Gargron @lukas >Love to embrace and extend my own project while promoting extinction of diverse instances and other micro-blogging fediTools? #MastodonIsNotTheFediverse


All the administrators of some node:
Hey, there's plenty of other nodes, just look for any that have open records.

We've hit a ceiling, I've opened another node.

@Gargron @nolan what is the current maximum user registration limit for a domain?

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