Hi! is being slow right now, as far as I can tell because there's twice as many people using it at the same time as ever have; I'm working on making it go fast again, but in the meantime, do remember to invite people to instead of directly to People don't have to be on the same server to follow you! Thanks!

quick question, you guys don't support nfts right? ^^;

There are a few instances that do but they are few and far between. is not one of them

@rw @princesalde The energy cost to run a Mastodon node is tiny compared to the amount of money wasted on a single Bitcoin transaction, mostly because the latter is so inefficient due to what is going on that it's hard to make it any worse without literally burning an acre of old-growth rainforest for each Bitcoin spent.

Bitcoin's exorbitant energy expenditure isn't due to being decentralized. It's due to the fact that in order to verify transactions, the network runs a lottery which awards Bitcoin to whichever miner can brute-force solve a mathematical problem so hard that it takes the entire network 10 minutes to solve with a power level equivalent to a small European country.

@princesalde @Gargron most people on mastodon don't, including (i'm pretty sure) the devs.
is this about being free from NFT 'features' or having an echo chamber where nobody supports things you dislike?

@princesalde he's busy so I'll help.

NFTs sure as hell aren't supported here.

@princesalde @Gargron For a second I read this as NTFS and I was wondering what has that got to do lol

sam CEO of Mastodon musiał interweniować przez twoje tweety

@Gargron Noted.. no wonder. Expect traffic to skyrocket throughout the next few days.

@gargron Probably because Reuters just came out with the news that Twitter accepted Musks offer - Twitter is sold.

@Cedara @Gargron I heard that they agreed to take the offer to the shareholders but I hadn't actually heard whether or not the shareholders have approved said offer. There is a difference there between weather it is or isn't sold

@Gargron People don't understand the word "decentralized" - coming from Twitter indeed very hard to understand.

@Hiker tatsächlich ist das für viele auch ziemlich schwer zu verstehen. Wobei es viele gründe gibt sich bei der Hauptinstanz ansumelden. angefangen bei der Ausfallsicherheit bzw fähigkeit des Admins bei Problemen bis hin zur URL die man sich merken muss ^^ @gargron

@Hiker Es ist die Instanz mit den meisten Usern, die Instanz die vom Entwickler selbst betrieben wird. @gargron

@Hughenknubbel Sehe ich nicht so. Im dezentralen Netzwerk gibts keine Hauptinstanz. @Gargron

@Hiker Natürlich gibt es technisch gesehen keine Hauptinstanz. Will ich jedoch eine gute uptime haben, nicht ständig umziehen müssen und generell eine gewisse "sicherheit" das die Instanz nicht in den nächsten Monaten dicht macht. wähle ich die, die am Meisten Sicherheit ausstrahlt. Das ist diese oder unter umständen andere große instanzen.

@Hughenknubbel Es ist ja nur ein "ausstrahlen" - Garantie für Zuverlässigkeit hast du keine. Also finde ich "Hauptinstanz" nach wie vor unpassend.

@Hiker Natürlich ist es nur ein Gefühl. 100%-ige Garantien gibt es so oder so bei gar nichts. Aber ich denke, du hast die intentionen verstanden, weshalb man sich da anmeldet :)

@Hughenknubbel Die Leute melden sich da nicht wegen diesem Gefühl an, die haben von Dezentralität und was das bedeutet, leider keine Ahnung.

wie man aktuell sieht gibt es diese suggerierte Sicherheit bei großen Instanzen nicht (auch wenn gerade noch schnell genug nach gebessert wurde sodass es nicht zum Absturz gekommen ist). und es gibt genug kleinere Instanzen die es schon lange gibt und welche, solange genug spenden für die Server kosten rein kommen, auch keine Anzeichen machen je wieder zu schließen.

@Hiker Hauptinstanz meint in dem Zusammenhang wohl, es ist die offizielle Instanz des Projekts Mastodon.
@gargron @Hughenknubbel

@Hiker @Gargron Is there a summary you would recommend? In particular I'm wondering how having multiple different machine names in URLs works when it comes to authenticating a server as a real Mastodon server before I give it my password.

@Gargron Thanks for the update! Yes I thought the service was down completely before the site finally loaded.

@Gargron ¿Y si empiezas por cerrar los registros a

I like and welcome the idea of 1000s. Which is to say an instance only accepts around 1000 members. Why? To prevent mega-instances.
Simply suspend the registration of new users.

lg i have mine as invite only but of course i don't plan on inviting anyone except for people i know.

i think this would be a good approach though for the average instance because it would limit the amount to that much which the admins can handle approving.

this although distributes work needed for moderation, because every instance only has to moderate its own users and the check if the instances they federate with are doing the same to roughly equal standards. so you do not have to use automated moderation systems which are very questionable.

@Gargron yeah a lot of us testing the waters here again :)

I think this is bc Twitter users are sharing their Fediverse account urls they registered previously which are overwhelmingly / Mastodon needs a feature to help a user share a link on Twitter which will direct their followers to find a fediverse server then follow their Fediverse account automatically.

@Gargron Intrigued to be trying Mastodon out (imagine I'm doing so for the same reason as many others)

@Gargron Maybe you could run a poll to figure out how new users chose their instance - and improve the onboarding process a bit to better get users distributed to suitable instances?

@Gargron plz let us know if more funding is needed (for more/bigger servers or a more scalable architecture, for your and/or the moderator‘a work etc). I’m sure it can be done.

@Gargron Will do! Word is out about Mastodon on Twitter so hold on tight - and thank you!

@Gargron That explains the images not loading on my end, thanks for the notice

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